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YoungFatties offers a solid collection of solo and hardcore chubbies getting down and dirty with their ripe, fleshy bodies. Watch as these chicks stick fingers, dildos, and cock in their sweet mouths and juicy pussies until everyone is spent and sticky.

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Young Fatties Review

While society at large is rather unhealthily and prejudicially obsessed with skinny chicks, big women are all too often ignored as sex objects. But BBW sites like YoungFatties is all about equal-opportunity sexual objectification. It isn't only the waifs who should fantasized over, sites like this want to say, but chubby chicks, too, should be treated like horny sluts who love to play with themselves and get fucked on camera. Indeed, by focusing on the hotness of big, beautiful women, YoungFatties is helping to meet the American democratic ideal where all are represented and treated equally.

Big women are awesome because there's a whole lot of them to love. Though cliché, it's totally true. Fat chicks have more flesh to grab on to for leverage while screwing, generally have bigger jugs perfect for tittyfucking, and their flappy bellies and thighs jiggle wildly when riding cock - there's simply more body to enjoy. If you're not already there, the photos and videos on YoungFatties might help to bring you over to this perspective. And if you are already a fan, then you'll find some fun fucking and solo scenes here to help get you through the day.

The photos, available to download in zip sets, are almost all shot in bright and clear high-resolution, giving you an up-close look at these young babes' soft flesh. Most of them spread their lovely lips to give you a perfect view of their juicy pink insides. The videos, too, look good, and a number of them are shot in 720p high-def (WMV format only). There is no streaming on this site, so you'll have to download any videos you want to watch. There are only two slightly disappointing things about the videos: 1) Most of them must be downloaded in sections - only a handful are available as single scenes; 2) There is no model or scene detail, and no lead-in or chatting before the fucking begins. This isn't an issue if all you're looking for is the action, but if you like a bit of personality to your models, you're out of luck. This is by no means to say that the scenes aren't hot, just that it's all business here. One odd thing should be mentioned as well: some of the models are definitely not fat. All of them are at least a bit chubby, but this is not a site filled with super-fatties. While there are total fatties here, not all of them should be considered BBW.

In addition to the 500+ photo sets and 85+ videos, a membership grants you access to 14 hardcore bonus sites of various genres, including more fatties, pissing, flashing, trannies, mature sluts, and more. But you must remain a member for three days get access to this bonus content.

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Conclusion 81/100

In all, YoungFatties mostly satisfies its genre. The women are attractive, the action is enthusiastic, and the cumshots are messy. Just be prepared for a few less-than-beefy babes here.

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