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Meet Janessa and her dirtbag father. Janessa is a 19 year old slut that loves t fuck. Her loser father figured why not make some money out of it, and started pimping his daughter out so he can get money for booze. This is some pretty depraved shit, just the way I like it!

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Use My Daughter Review

Freetour offers: The free tour has a list of the most recent updates to the Use My Daughter member's area. Each episode has some small thumbnailed images, as well as a larger picture and a text description of the scene. Most importantly, each scene has a small sample video to give you a better idea of what you can expect from each scene.

General impression: I've seen some pretty shocking websites lately, but this one has to take the cake. A guy pimping out his own daughter for as little as 90 bucks? Damn! The daughter is pretty damn hot, though, and she fucks like a pro. But then again, I guess she is a pro when you think about it.

Bravo's opinion:  As you know, I look at a shitload of porn. I mean, just take a look at how many reviews you can see here on Bravo Porn. This is just a fraction of the porn I've seen since I first started browsing the internet. I've seen everything. Well, almost everything. I can honestly say I've never seen a website quite like Use My Daughter. It takes something pretty out there to shock me, and believe me, this website is indeed shocking. Have you ever seen another website where a father pimps out his own slutty daughter?

The design of the Use My Daughter member's area is extremely simple. You can get at all the scenes from the main page. Each scene is represented by a thumbnail image. Clicking any of these pictures will take you to a page with all the content relating to that particular scene. On that page, you'll find the pictures associated with the video, and of course, the videos. Videos are available as either small clips or as a full scene. All of them are fully downloadable and there's none of that annoying DRM (digital rights management) crap to deal with. Also, videos are available in two formats. You can download either WMV or MPEG files. There's virtually no difference in quality between the two different formats. The MPEG files are about 3 times as large in file size, but both videos are 320 x 240 pixels in resolution. The videos are of a fairly average quality, so it's not like they're bad, but they really could be better. I just hope we see an increase in video resolution soon.

The pictures are very good. Firstly, the photography is top notch professional stuff. Secondly, the file sizes are quite impressive. A lot of sites I've reviewed recently have had pretty small pictures. Thankfully, you won't find any pictures smaller than 1000 pixels on the longest edge inside the Use My Daughter member's area.

The content on this website is unbelievable. It's so fucking white trash, but it's also entertaining and arousing in a fucked up kind of way. Take this one scene featuring this dumb lookin' hick bastard named Buckley. Like this guy isn't enough of a hick without his parents deciding Buckley would make a great name. Anyways. Janessa and her dad are driving along and their car breaks down, again. Luckily, they meet Buckley who has a camper van and he says he can help them out. Janessa's dad figures the car is going to need some repairs and it could end up being expensive, and he decides he's going to get some money out of this guy by pimping his daughter to this guy. The guy seems reluctant, but Janessa talks him into it. Janessa's dad then lays the rules down to the guy. No kissing, no anal, and he's gotta wear a condom. Only Janessa and her dad have been arguing lately, and she decides she's going to break all of daddy's rules to get back at him and take it in the ass. They put up the curtains so nobody can see inside the camper van. They then go back to the bed and begin to kiss. That's one rule broken already. Buckley the removes Janessa's top and starts sucking on her beautifully shaped tits. Soon after, he removes her jeans and begins licking her pussy. She then removes Buckley's shirt and unzips his jeans, returning the favor by sucking his cock. This may be a paid job, but she sucks takes to Buckley's cock like a fat kid to ice cream. It really does seem like she enjoys her job a lot. She then takes off Buckley's jeans and lies on her back, spreading her legs invitingly for Buckley. He slides his cock inside of Janessa without a condom. That's another rule broken. There's no gradual speed increase here. Buck just starts fucking her good and hard. She is just a whore, remember. They then change positions and get into a 69 with Buck laying on his back. From that position, she moves herself onto his lap with her back facing him, and starts to ride his cock. That's when Janessa offers buck her asshole. He starts by priming it with his fingers to begin with before sliding his rigid rod inside her rear end. He starts off with small slow strokes before working his way to quicker and deeper thrusts. He pulls his cock out of her ass when he's ready to cum and dumps his load right on her gaping asshole.

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Conclusion 74/100

There are only two negative points about Use My Daughter. It's a very new site, so at the moment, there's not a whole lot of content just yet. Secondly, I wish the videos could be a little bit bigger in terms of resolution. Other than that, this is a great website. The idea behind it is just insane. Janessa is incredibly hot and watching her get fucked by random men is a huge turn on. The multi-site membership is excellent value for money and certainly makes Use My Daughter worth taking a look at!

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