Tussinee is a very cute Thai babe with a beautiful body and a sweet smile. She poses in sexy softcore galleries where she gets fully naked and often plays with her sweet snatch. Dildos and fingers enter her pussy in both her pictures and videos. The images are high resolution and the videos are medium resolution which is good enough for me. Thai teen lovers will go wild for Tussinee.

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Tussinee Review

Freetour offers: She's cute, innocent, young and willing to show you everything, or at least that's what her tour says. Tussinee is an 18 year old Thai babe who looks every bit her age, perhaps even a touch younger, and tends to play it up by posing in youthful outfits and painting her lips bright red or pink with lipstick. Her tour offers nice previews of some of her picture galleries and there's a preview video if you'd like to get a small taste of what she does for you.

General impression: It's hard not to be impressed with this lovely Thai teen. She has the tight and sexy body that I've seen on so many Thai beauties she has youthful and innocent eyes that are a big turn on. There's nudity on the tour so we know that she's going to show it all off inside and I liked the preview video. She's a softcore girl through and through so those looking for hardcore action will have to turn somewhere else. Let's go inside and see what the sexy Thai teen slut has in store for us.

Bravo's opinion:  The two latest picture and video updates are right at the top of the page and from the looks of thing she doesn't quite update often enough. There's a new photo set every 1-2 weeks and a new video every 3-4 weeks. That might not be enough to keep you around long term but she has enough content to hold your attention for a month or two, that's for sure. Also on the member's main page is her journal, although it's in such a small box and the text is so small that it's hard to read. Plus, most entries are limited to two sentences so I'm not really sure what the point of it is.

The rest of the page features links to the bonus sites, Flash games, wallpapers, e-zine covers and advertisements. What we care about are the pictures and videos as they're the meat and potatoes of the site. There are 63 picture galleries featuring a solo Tussinee and she looks lovely in both. She lives in Thailand, obviously, and like most inhabitants of the island she lives near the water. The benefit is that she poses in lots of bikinis. Also, many of her galleries have the ocean as a background or are shot amongst the tropical plants near the beach. I don't know about you but when a gallery is shot in a bright and airy location I like it better.

In addition to the frequent appearances of bikinis we get to see Tussinee in sexy lingerie, cute outfits, slutty outfits and the occasional costume. She'll also bring out a dildo every so often to pleasure her pussy with. Most galleries have 75-125 images per set and in each she gets fully naked and shows off her hot pussy, her tight ass and her lovely little tits. The pictures are impressively high resolution and were for me, totally perfect. Tussinee is a really small girl and when she gets naked it appears as though her body is totally fat free. That's what I like to see.

One of my favorite galleries begins with Tussinee riding up to the house on her Vespa. She's wearing a cute blue cutoff jacket and a tiny pair of shorts and underneath it is a sexy bikini. The clothes come off and she models the bikini for us before stepping into the pool and taking a dip in the cool water. We also get a few shots of the beautiful babe pulling her bottoms aside and showing us her amazing, slick looking pussy. What I wouldn't give to have a taste of that beautiful thing. I'm also a big fan of just about any gallery where she's posing at the beach. I especially like the ones where she gets fully naked and rolls around in the sand and the water.

There are 36 videos for download but unlike the picture galleries they're not quite high resolution. Instead they play at 480x320 which is just short of excellence. They actually come in two resolutions and WMV and Real Player format so you can download anything you'd like. You'll find that the videos are similar to the picture galleries but are still an entirely unique experience because Tussinee knows how to work the lens to turn her audience on. The way she moves her body is exceptionally erotic and sensual and some of her outfits are so damn sexy that you just want to see her standing around in them. That alone can be enough to turn a man on.

One of my favorite videos stars Tussinee in an orange latex dress and white leather boots. The dress is short and when she pops a few buttons she's suddenly showing us her pussy. A few more and we're staring at her beautiful tits. Do you love a babe in white? I do because it makes them look so angelic and perfect. My absolute favorite video stars Tussinee in white from head to toe and it's even better because it's all white lace. The videos download quickly thanks to a speedy server and although she doesn't update them as often as I'd like there should be enough to keep you happy for a few months.

One of my favorite parts of the site is the sixteen sets of candid photos taken during Tussinee day to day life. We see her taking a dip in the ocean, going to a music festival, walking on the beach, going to lunch, etc. It's the best way to know what her real life is like. There are three bonus sites as well, one of which has bunches of hardcore content. It's a good way to get to know her a little better. Tussinee also offers something called TussineeGold.com, where you can pay $75 per month to watch her have hardcore sex. That's totally insane if you ask me but you should at least know about it.

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Conclusion 78/100

Tussinee is a good looking Thai teen babe who has built a lovely modeling site filled with pictures and videos of her hot naked body. She's hot and sexy and she poses in hot and sexy outfits while modeling that hot naked body. She spreads her pussy and plays with her clit and on occasions he fucks herself with a thick dildo. The girl knows about passion and pleasure and she wants to share those desires with you. Come and watch her play and you'll get free access to three other sites starring sexy Thai babes.

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