Tricky Old Teacher

This guy really is a Tricky Old Teacher, and a horny one too – not to look at I mean but he can’t keep his dirty old hands of his young wards, and that makes for some very entertaining and original scenes. The premise is fairly obvious; an old teacher tells off his girly schoolgirls and then gives them a servicing to remind them of the importance of study.

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Tricky Old Teacher Review

Whether it works or not, we don’t find out, but we do get some exclusive and well put together intergenerational scenes along the way. We are looking at old on young here so two things are paramount. The youth of the girls (check, all sexy, pretty and young looking) and the age of the guy, (check, far to old to be making porn, must use Viagra, but that’s what we’re here for). So, so far so good as we’ve got 3,090 scenes with membership and it looks like the site updates every couple of weeks, sometimes more often.

As for viewing the movies you should have no problems. Apart from being well made and well filmed, you have the choice of a Flash stream, and you can also download in the MPEG4 format in a high versions. There are clips and full length scenes too and each clip is illustrated by a screen cap so you can see what part of the action you’re going to view. If you have any problems with the video viewing then there is a link to the help area on each page and you can, as several members have already done, leave a comment or two. The site even leaves up the negative comments which is good to see – it means it’s honest and up front.

Galleries are well stocked with big and clear digital images so if you want to save any you get good results. There are zip file downloads for the full sets or you can browse one by one. There are no slideshow options but numbers lead you from one pic to another. Each and any can be added to your favourites area so you are able to build up your own personal collection of goodies and keep them in one handy place.

After a while you start to feel jealous of the bespectacled older teacher in his naff jacket, as he seems to get all the fun; he’s blown, fondled and gets to fuck the girls with pigtails and slim bodies. (A couple of other guys get some of the action from time to time but it’s mainly the same guy.) This isn't a problem really as it’s the girls we want to see most of, and we do in the vids and pics where she is the centre of attention. So all in all you get a reasonable amount of on niche movies and galleries and the kind of sex you were promised on the tour.

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Conclusion 84/100

And then you get loads of extras too with 28 sites to view (one gay) and a long list of feed sites in the ‘reality sites’ area. Not all intergenerational, but good nevertheless. There are other feeds that contain DVDs to view, scene by scene, so you are well looked after in terms of content here. The whole thing is easy to use and move around so navigation is not a problem; the top menu is static. And there are pages telling you what’s been updated to the network and what’s coming next; and our Tricky Old Teacher was featured in that ‘coming soon’ list so it looks like the updates are going to continue to be regular.

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