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For the squirting fans there are few sites as well suited to your desires as SquirtAlicious.com. They've got more than 217 full length scenes featuring fucking, sucking and lots of squirting. Some scenes feature as many as four girls squirting from their sweet pussies. Everything is downloadable and the bonus sites are plentiful.

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Squirt Alicious Review

Freetour offers: It should be obvious what SquirtAlicious is all about. They've got hot chicks galore getting fucked and squirting like crazy, as you'll see when you take a look at the tour. They've put up preview blocks for the latest updates containing one large image and six smaller pics that chronicle what goes on during the fucking video pretty well. They also clue you in to the variety of porn offered. There are hot twosomes and threesomes plus interracial sex, lesbian sex and plenty of big white dicks.

General impression: One of the most recent updates features four hot chicks all going after each other, generating four hot squirts. Nothing is off limits with these babes as they pleasure each other vaginally and anally. That video alone is enough to get me excited about the member's area, but then show off an interracial anal sex flick and an interracial double penetration. Those two things alone are enough to get me excited and the promise of bonus sites is just the icing on the cake.

Bravo's opinion:  Along the top of the page in the member's area is a montage of images featuring hotties rubbing themselves while they squirt. It's like a little preview of what you can expect as a new member and it's hot. The latest update is listed just below that montage of images and there's also a hint of info about the next update to be added. Sadly, they only update once every two weeks, but it's not such a problem.

They've got a shop where you can buy squirting DVDs, but I'm not sure why you'd do that with a full contingent of clips at your fingertips. There's a news page with a tiny bit of information and a links page with a bunch of advertisements, but SquirtAlicious.com is really all about the movies. They don't even have a separate section of pictures. Clicking the little link that says movies brings you to the fun zone where you can download any one of the 217 movies currently available (as of February 11, 2014).

The most recent addition is actually a clip from a movie called 65 Guy Cream Pie #2. In it a dirty slut gets fucked by 65 guys, all of whom leave a load inside her pussy. That's pretty fucking nasty, and this girl is the world's biggest slut for wanting to participate in the movie so eagerly. The entire 65 guy scene is over an hour long so we're just getting a small sample. It happens to be the sample where the chick squirts, thus its inclusion on SquirtAlicious. She actually squirts while there's a guy inside her, which is not something you see all the time.

The 217 movies are situated on 217 individual pages, which makes browsing them a big pain in the ass. Why they didn't just list them on 15 separate pages is beyond me. It makes looking for the perfect scene a little more difficult, especially since they don't offer any categorization, which they probably should have done. At first glance it seems like the squirting category is the only one these videos should fall into, but there are plenty of others they could make use of. The video right after the gang bang scene features four lesbian chicks, and there are plenty more where it came from.

I would have offered at least five or six simple categories to make searching through the content a little easier. It's quite possible that a prospective member has no interest in watching a video where two black guys double penetrate a chick to make her squirt but would really like to see the lesbian scene. I mentioned that scene earlier, and having just watched the complete version I can say it's fantastic. One of the blonde chicks actually squirts on the camera. It gets nice and close to her pussy and then she lets loose with a shower of female ejaculate. It's so very hot I just want to watch it over and over again.

The only other way to browse the content is by model. There's a drop down menu with all the girls listed. There are roughly 70 babes to look through and most have one scene. There are a few that have come back for multiple trips. There are plenty of girls that you probably know by name on the list like Alana Evans, Sammie Rhodes and Sue Diamond. If a girl can squirt they try hard to get her in for a video shoot. If you've got a favorite porn star then there's a decent chance you'll find one of her performances here, which should make your membership even more valuable.

When it comes time to watch a video you'll find numerous options. First, you can check out a small screenshot gallery that can act as a primer while you wait for your download to finish or can help you determine if you want to start the download in the first place. You can stream the video if you'd like, but with downloadable options there's no reason to do so. There are two resolutions offered: one for low bandwidth users and one for those with broadband connections. The high resolution files are usually 350-500mb so you might be in for a long wait. It's worth it though.

The one thing that gives your membership its greatest value is the bonus sites. When you join SquirtAlicious.com it's not just one site you're becoming a member of, it's an entire network of sites. The network is host to more than 1000 downloadable DVDs totaling more than 1,200 hours of hot porn. Be sure to fire up your broadband connection because those DVDs come to more than 10,000 gigabytes of downloadable video, which is stunning. They've got porn from just about every niche under the sun here and they update every day.

Squirt Alicious Site Facts

  • Pictures
  • 60 Galleries
  • Videos
  • 217 Galleries
  • 720x528 pixels Windows 2000 Kbps (downloadable)
  • 960x540 pixels Flash 0 Kbps
  • Full Scenes: Yes
  • Multi-Bandwidth: Yes
  • Video Captures: Yes
  • DRM: No
  • Exclusive
  • All content is exclusive
  • Updates
  • Weekly
  • Cost
  • Trial: $2.95 3 days
  • Monthly: $14.95 1 month
  • Multi-Mo: $34.95 3 month
  • Billing
  • No Independent Merchant
  • Credit Card
Conclusion 80/100

SquirtAlicious answers the call for high quality, downloadable squirting videos. Most scenes are 25 minutes long and they hop genres frequently. One video features a hottie getting boned by her boyfriend and the next is four chicks eating each other out and using dildos of all shapes and sizes. Best of all, you get free access to a huge network of bonus sites when you join. The network is updated every day.

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