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The Score brand name has become synonymous with beautiful big breasted women and that's exactly what you can expect to find inside this website. In fact, Score Land promises the biggest archive of full-length big boob movies on the web.

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Score Land Review

Freetour offers: This is one tour that you absolutely must check out. And once you pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing 4 gorgeous big breasted women on the front page, I'd highly recommend you check out the rest of the tour by clicking the links on the left hand side of the page to the video page, picture page, model index and the rest of the pages. On the video page, be sure not to miss the list of updates on the left hand side of the page. It's rare that you'll find a site uploading that many videos that often! And of course you should also check out the flash sample videos. The pictures page is very in depth and shows some of the featured Score Land models and lists the galleries they appear in. Most of the models make multiple appearances so you'll see your favorite girls time and time again. The model index will show you thumbnails of the 20 most popular Score Land models. But you'll find a complete list on the left hand side of the page. Clicking on any of these thumbnails or any of the names on the list will take you to an individual profile page for that particular girl. On there you'll find all her stats such as her bust, height, weight and how many photo shoots and videos she's appeared in within the Score Land member's area. I've never seen such a comprehensive tour before!

General impression: This site is absolutely mammoth. I've only browsed the tour so far and I feel like I've had a look at more than I've seen in some member's areas. The attention to detail is second to none. You could browse this tour for hours and still have something new to look at. The depth is incredible! If this site is half as good as I think it'll be, then this will still be one of the best big boob websites on the net.

Bravo's opinion:  What amazed me about the Score Land member's area was how well they were able to organize what amounts to a mammoth amount of content. I've been inside member's areas with much less content than what's on offer inside Score Land and I've found them to be very cumbersome and awkward to browse. No such problem with this member's area, though. The design is very user friendly which is a huge plus in my books.

Fans of the various Score Magazine publications will be very impressed by this membership. Score Magazine newbies like myself will also be impressed because what they've done is taken every issue of every publication they have and they've throw it online. That's every back issue of all their publications including 18 Eighteen, 40 Something, Bootylicious Mag and Leg Sex just to name a few. Keep in mind that some of these issues date back as far as 1992!

It's almost difficult to tell you what's on offer with this membership. As well as they've organized the content, it's still an absolutely huge amount and you can't help but be overwhelmed by it all. There's something like 1500 models appearing in the Score Land pages. There's only a handful of exclusive content websites that can boast those kinds of numbers. And the great news is that many of the models make multiple appearances in both picture galleries and video scenes. The end result? Thousands upon thousands of image galleries and hundreds of videos to choose from.

Quality is right up there too. You get three choices when it comes to browsing the image galleries. And Score have been in the business for a long time and are on top of the game. The skill of the photographers is awesome. You can line these guys up with the best in the industry and they wouldn't seem at all out of place. They've been plying their trade for a number of years after all and they've been doing very well. So they must be doing something right!

One of the most important aspects of a subscription based membership site in my opinion are updates. I mean, why bother paying a membership fee each month if there's nothing new on the way? Well this is certainly not a gripe you'll be having with Score Land. I just had a look at the updates for the previous month and counted no less than 69 updates! That's more than 2 updates per day. How many sites can match that? Very few in my experience.

The quality of the videos is a bit all over the place. For a full-length scene, the latest videos are good measuring 1280x720 pixels and they're encoded at around 2.0Mbps (around 2000kbps).

Score Land Site Facts

  • Pictures
  • 5516 Galleries
  • ZIP Files: Yes
  • Videos
  • 1499 Galleries
  • 1280x720 pixels Flash 0 Kbps
  • 640x360 pixels MPEG4 1200 Kbps (downloadable)
  • 1280x720 pixels Windows 1500 Kbps (downloadable)
  • Full Scenes: Yes
  • Multi-Bandwidth: Yes
  • DRM: No
  • Exclusive
  • Most content is exclusive
  • Updates
  • Daily
  • Cost
  • Trial: $2.95 3 days, recurs $19.95/mo
  • Monthly: $19.95 1 month
  • Multi-Mo: $49.95 3 month
  • Billing
  • Epoch, Netbilling
  • Credit Card 900 #, Online Check
Conclusion 90/100

Score Land is heaven for big boob lovers. The only thing bigger than the tits on these girls is the size of the Score Land archive. It's amazing how much content you'll be getting access to and at least 2 updates every day certainly doesn't hurt matters either! If you're a big boob fan, I'd encourage you to at the very least check out the tour and see for yourself what's on offer. This has got to be one of the best big tit websites I've seen in years! Now if we're all done I'm going to go back to reviewing these site. For, uh, personal reasons. Enjoy!

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