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Freetour offers: Just a few minutes on the tour and you will see why I give Sapphic Erotica such praise. The tour is very nicely designed. It's simple and its pink colors are very easy on the eyes. The first sign of excellence is visible in the two sample videos available towards the top of the page. The resolution of those videos is pretty good 1280x720 pixels! Below, you'll find details such as the exact number of pictures available inside the member's area, details regarding the number of updates and also some sample photos, which are every bit as impressive as the sample videos. Be sure to click to see the larger pictures once you get to the sample page for that particular picture.

General impression: You've probably already guessed my first impression. It's been quite some time since I've been so impressed before even getting into a member's area. I had heard many good things about Sapphic Erotica before beginning this review, but I can tell you that even the tour alone exceeded my high expectations. But I soon found out that the tour was only the tiniest glimpse into the excellence that is Sapphic Erotica.

Bravo's opinion:  Wow. That's really all I can say about this website. Wow! Did I already say that? If you thought I was impressed when I saw the tour, then you should have seen the way my jaw dropped once I'd arrived in the member's area. One thing that impresses me so much about this website is just how well organized it is. At the time of my last visit (October 2014), there were about 1,962 photos available. Yet the member's area is organized so well. It's not cluttered at all and finding your way around is as easy as it could possibly be.

The very first thing I did was head over to the Latest Updates link to see what had been happening recently in the website. The tour promised 5 updates per week, and looking back through the history of updates I can tell you first hand that it's true. You'll get a brand new update every weekday. It seems to follow a pattern. You'll get two picture updates in a row, followed by a movie update, followed by a picture update and then followed by another movie update and then the cycle begins. So, basically, each week you'll get 1 picture updates and 1 video updates. There's also an update schedule which gives you a little preview of what's coming soon to the website.

Content is separated by model. On each model's page, you'll find links to any picture set or video that she has participated in. There's also a video area, so if you're only interested in viewing the videos at a particular time, you will only be shown models that have done videos.

Sapphic Erotica has been around for quite some time. Obviously, the older content isn't going to be as large of a resolution as the newer stuff. But even the older stuff surpasses what you'll find most of today's so called premium adult websites. Also, I've noticed that Bailey (the photographer) does re-encode some of the older stuff to the new high standards. The newer stuff quite frankly blows the competition away, though. I won't bore you with the details again, because I've already mentioned it all above when talking about the free tour. But I will say this. Bailey's photography is outstanding. The pictures and videos really are amongst the best I've ever seen. The quality of the videos is breath taking. You would be forgiven for thinking you were watching a DVD. The quality really is that good.

What also makes this member's area such a pleasure is that it's so well presented. Members are given the choice between MPEG4 and Flash. The picture area also presents members with the little extras that make the difference. For one, you can download a zipped archive of each photoset. Or alternatively, you can click tick boxes next to the thumbnails of each image and download a zip of only the selected images. This way, you only download the pictures you want. In my case, it was all of them, so I just downloaded the zip containing the whole set. ;)

But more important than file quality and even the skill of the photographer is the passion in this website. It's real. It's not some bimbo being paid to lick out some other slut. These women are real and passionate lesbians and it shows in every video and in every photo. Of course, this is certainly helped along by the talent of Bailey behind the camera. But I think this is one aspect of Sapphic Erotica that very few other Lesbian websites can match. By far, the content I've seen within the member's area of Sapphic Erotica is the hottest lesbian porn I've ever been lucky enough to grace my unworthy eyes upon.

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Conclusion 93/100

Simply the best lesbian porn website out there. If you're into lesbians, then look no further. This is as good as it get folks. Sapphic Erotica really does have it all. Content of the highest quality, archives that are bursting at the seams, an update schedule that's almost difficult to believe and an extremely affordable price. I don't think I've ever felt so compelled to recommend a lesbian website so highly as Sapphic Erotica. This website is simply outstanding. If you're still not convinced, then get your ass to the tour right now and watch those sample videos I mentioned and look at the sample pictures. Simply breathtaking. Enjoy!

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