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Nothing annoys me more than seeing an amateur porn site without any genuine home made amateur content. Private Home Clips is different. This stuff is all user-submitted, and boy is this site popular. This stuff is the real deal, guys. Expect hundreds of new videos and pictures every week!

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Private Home Clips Review

Most of the time we know that those specially categorized sites which claim to star amateurs are usually staged and star some of the more lesser known pornstars. I am sure amateur lovers appreciate genuine amateur content which has been submitted from the makers of the videos, well amateur lovers can rejoice as here is an amateur site which is as amateur as can get! That's right all the sexy and horny people which star in the videos on offer are the ones who have submitted them to the site as they wish to share their erotic adventures with the rest of the world, and let me just say that some of them are just as hot as professionally made porn if not more so!

The great thing about amateur sites which provide user submitted content is diversity. Not only with the kinky things that the individuals get up to but the diversity in women and men, plus being amateurs it is more than likely that you have never seen these horny people before. For the most part you'll be surprised at how hot many of the amateur models are and how great they perform. The bulk of the individuals are of Caucasian background as they are usually blonds, brunettes, and redheads, though you will find a few Asians, Latins, and black bruthas and sistas in the mix.

As I said earlier the things the horny amateurs get up to is quite diverse as well. You can enjoy a range of lighthearted to more intense videos, there are some videos which are quite playful featuring hot strip teases, there are blowjob videos, self masturbation videos, and of course the hardcore no holes barred romps, there are even steamy lesbian videos included to keep girl on girl lovers entertained. Overall I am sure members won't get tired with the mix of hot amateur porn on offer, a big thumbs up from me as far as diversity in videos goes.

The site gets updated so frequently it wasn't surprising that there are over 41,990 amateur based videos which have been submitted over the span of under 3 years, and if all goes well that number should increase every passing day. Of course the content isn't exclusive to the site as it is user submitted after all, but hey who really cares when there's so much amateur porn to go through right? Plus I am sure lovers of genuine amateur porn was expecting this as well.

The only aspect which could be considered an issue is the inconsistent quality of the videos. After all it depends on the users who have submitted their videos on how high or low the quality is, so if the original footage sent in to the developers was of low quality, they really don't have that much to work on. Members can download the videos in either avi or wmv format and can stream them within the browser in flash format with resolutions of 852x480. There is no download limit so you can download to your heart's content and with no DRM you can choose to keep the videos for as long as you want. I should also mention that run times does vary quite a bit through out the collection. In retrospect I am sure amateur fans were expecting this from a user submitted content site, plus the lower quality does give the videos that amateur video charm.

The photo collection is quite large as well with a grand total of over 6,540 individual picture galleries to go through photo lovers need not worry about running low on photo content. Like the videos the photo galleries feature a wide variety of steamy amateur shenanigans ranging from softcore to hardcore outings. Also like the video content the quality does tend to rise and fall through out the span of the collection but I am glad to say that they never get too horrible.

Well that's the content of the site for you, as far as navigating the site? Well I would have to say that it is quite easy, the navigation menu makes the various sections easy to access, and all of the newest updates are presented right on the front page so members are immediately informed as to what's new. Presentation wise the site does look a little bland, quite amateur to be honest but it is an amateur site after all so it was to be expected, however I had no troubles making my way through the site which is what truly counts.

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Conclusion 93/100

Definitely one of the better amateur sites around and certainly one of the most genuine to boot! I could not recommend this site enough to those of you who are in to genuine amateur porn fresh from the house. I have to say the content isn't for everyone though they are just as steamy as professional porn. The only complaint I can make is the fact that the consistency of quality isn't that tight, though I will give the site some slack in that aspect because the content is submitted from the various users after all. So as a final word, I strongly recommend this site to all amateur fans, not only for the size of their collection, but also for the authenticity of the amateur models.

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