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This is a website for those of you out there that love to be teased. Only Tease is the ultimate softcore website. Have you ever wondered what the cute girl at work is wearing underneath her uptight business attire? Is she wearing sexy stockings? What color are her panties? If that sounds like you, then you're going to love Only Tease.

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Only Tease Review

Freetour offers: The tour is not at all typical because Only Tease is not your typical porn site. Most of the main page is dedicated to explaining what the website is about. Scroll down and you get to see some thumbnail previews of the latest updates to appear inside the member's area as well as the next few that are due to be added. Take note of the dates shown for the updates. Be sure to check out the updates page which you can access at the top of the page for a look at thumbnail previews of over 200 of the previous updates. You get told how many images appear inside each gallery and how long each and every video scene is. Also, the models page is great. There are currently over 767 models featured inside the Only Tease member's area. For sample pictures, browse the model index. The first picture in each of the image galleries shown is viewable in full size. There don't appear to be any video samples, unfortunately.

General impression: This site is huge! I love softcore. Being teased is one of my biggest turn ons and if you ask me it's an element that's sorely lacking in most of the porn that's out there. Hardcore is great, but it's nice to be teased a little before the action. This website makes up for the lack of foreplay and teasing that's been lacking elsewhere. This site is pure softcore and pure tease.

Bravo's opinion:  The very simple design theme of the tour continues into the member's area. This is a refreshing change the cluttered and complicated member's areas I've had to endure lately! The only real difference between the tour design and the member's area is that there are more options available on the menu. The main links are a link to a model index, the archive and an updates page. Other pages worth checking out are the member's forum and the My OT link (which is a kind of preferences page or control panel). The member's forum is a great place to talk about the Only Tease website with other member's and Only Tease staff. You can chat about every aspect of the website from model requests, the clothes the girls wear and upcoming photoshoots. And unlike the forums in most member's areas I've been in, this one appears to be pretty active. There's also a pretty handy technical forum just in case you run into problems. And in the unlikely event that you do encounter a problem, I can tell you that the Only Tease staff are very helpful and will address it as quickly as possible.

The My OT preferences page is an interesting one. Until I saw this feature on Only Melanie (a website also run by the folks behind Only Tease. Be sure to check our review of her site too!), I'd never come across this before. It basically allows you to select the way in which you view the content on the website. You get to choose how many thumbnail images appear per page in the galleries, whether the pictures are standard sized or high resolution and so on. Take note of the picture size option especially. By default, the standard image sizes are selected. If you want to see the high resolution shots, you're going to need to change this setting. Although unless you have a huge monitor and run your desktop at a very high resolution, you're going to need to use the standard sized pics to fit the entire picture on your screen!

It's a similar story in the video area. Again, you're given two options. There's low resolution and high resolution. Let me tell you right now not to even bother with the low resolution videos. They're grainy and aren't worth the time it'll take you to download them, no matter how quickly that is. The high resolution videos are obviously of a much larger file size and will thus take longer to download. But it's worth it. The resolution steps up to 1280 x 720 pixels. If the quality was any better at all, it'd be like you were watching a DVD. The videos are crystal clear. The quality is nothing short of amazing. Certainly well above what I was expecting and hoping for.

The videos are all in WMV format and might require you to download the XviD codec to view them properly. There's instructions in the website which will tell you where to find the codec and how to install it. There's a pretty good chance you won't need it, especially if you watch a lot of videos on your computer. Chances are you already have it on your computer and you don't even know it!

The page you absolutely must go to when you first arrive inside the Only Tease member's area is the updates page. My jaw dropped. Not only does this website update every single day (yes, 7 days per week!), but there are sometimes multiple updates on a single day. With most memberships, you'd be lucky to get one new video per week. Imagine getting 4 in a single week along with 19 picture sets for less than 25 bucks per month? And try not to forget that every single picture and video is exclusive to the Only Tease website, so you won't find them anywhere else.

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Conclusion 92/100

It's difficult to find something bad to say about this website. I guess the only thing I can really think of is the fact that videos are only available in AVI format and may require a special codec to be viewed. But then again, the quality is so damn good that you don't even mind! The archive is massive. The girls are hot. The content is exclusive and the price is right. What's not to like about Only Tease? The update schedule is extremely impressive and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. This membership will keep you entertained for many months, maybe even years, to come. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

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