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If you're into sexy softcore secretary porn then Only Secretaries is the site for you. For only $24.95 you get access to the entire collection and 5 updates per week. There are pictures and videos of these gorgeous office babes and they work their butts off to make sure you have an easy time getting off. This is one of the finest softcore destinations on the web and that makes it worth a look at least.

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Only Secretaries Review

Freetour offers: Most men have had a secretary fantasy at some point in their life, especially those that work in offices. You have a gorgeous girl taking your calls and typing memos for you and you get to look at her hot body every time she comes in the office to deliver something. Well, Only Secretaries knows this is a common fantasy and so they've built an entire site around the notion. On the tour you can preview each of the models you'll find on the inside and they happily display the number of pictures and videos they've produced so far.

General impression: I'm partial to the sexy secretary look and it appears as though the folks at Only Secretaries have zeroed in on exactly what I like about it. I like the slutty business babe look, meaning lots of satin blouses and tight fitting jackets and short skirts and stockings. I like it when my secretary gets naked and above all I want her to be gorgeous. The women here embody all of those traits and they do it in what appear to be high quality picture galleries and videos. Let's go inside and check it out.

Bravo's opinion:  It's clear from the start that Only Secretaries is a special site. It starts with the fact that they update several times a week and that they've been doing so since the site launched in March 2008. The fact that they launched long ago and have already built a rather large site is very impressive. Also, it's all about sexy secretaries and you can't really go wrong with that. There's also a forum where you can request specific looks and on the main page they ask you to send them any requests or suggestions for making the site better. I get the feeling that they'd listen to anything you have to say.

There are a few basic looks the women of Only Secretaries work. First there's the business suit. This usually features a short skirt, a jacket and a pair of stockings. Sometimes there's a blouse under the jacket. Sometimes she's not wearing a jacket at all and has instead complimented her skirt with a sexy satin blouse. You also have the secretary in a sexy dress. These are usually skintight and model the frame of the beautiful model very well. The third general look is the tight skirt paired with the tight sweater or long sleeve top. That's probably my favorite look, but I'm partial to babes in sweaters.

The vast majority of scenes feature a hot chick in a pair of pantyhose or stockings and what's great about these picture sets and videos is that they each have two distinct parts. In the first the secretary is modeling her outfit. You get to see her from all angles so you can observe her lovely tits and her tight ass and all that comes with it. After you've seen all there is to see she takes off her clothes and models her lingerie. Most often that's a sexy bra and panty set with a garter belt but there are also chicks in pantyhose. Sometimes you'll see a bustier or a chemise as well. Whatever the girl is wearing you can rest assured that it's going to be hot.

Have we talked about the models yet? The women of Only Secretaries are top notch British beauties with bodies most men only see in their dreams. I don't know where they find such hot women but it appears as though they have access to an endless supply. One of the ways to browse the content is by model. There are currently 382 babes, most of whom have shot multiple galleries. There are certain girls – the most popular usually – that come back for multiple galleries. When you visit the model page you can get a full list of the girls by hitting the search button when leaving the field empty. You can also look through each letter of the alphabet.

There are a few girls that stand out from the others. Carla is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, period. So far she's produced two picture galleries and two videos for the site and I expect that she'll continue to add new sets. Emma Claire is a hottie too. She is the star of one of my favorite sets at the whole site. She's posing in a purple satin blouse and it's tight against her tits so you can see the outline of her lacy bra underneath. Then she takes off the top and you get to see the bra. It's even sexier than I believed possible.

The best way to find content that turns you on is to use the search function. There you can specify exactly what kind of pictures or videos you want to see. They allow you to apply up to three conditions. My first search was for busty girls in boots. Starring a beautiful babe named Carole, is going in my permanent collection. In it she's wearing a skintight pink dress, sexy black stockings and thigh high shiny black leather boots. That's a guaranteed erection! Each picture set can be downloaded in a zip file and each video is available at 1280x720 and a miserable 640x360 (why even bother?).

There's a link at the top of every page labeled My Only Secretaries. Click it and you'll find the control panel where you can determine the resolution of the full size images, how many thumbnails you want displayed per page, how many models per page, how many galleries per page and even if you want the images to open in an HTML page or just the image. They also have a feature where you can unlock upcoming sets before they've been released to the public. They call it fast tracking. That way if you're browsing a favorite model and you see that she has an amazingly hot set coming up you can see it right away. No waiting for you!

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Conclusion 90/100

Only Secretaries is your home on the web for sexy softcore babes in delicious corporate outfits. You'll see every variety of secretary babe here and they update five times a week so the content is coming on strong. The models are all British and I swear these are the most gorgeous ladies on the island. The videos are intimate and feature sexy stripteases where the girls talk to you and bare their beautiful bodies. The site is pussy free but it's still ridiculously hot and sexy; it might even be sexier because of that fact. I recommend a membership heartily, especially since it only costs $24.95 per month.

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