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It's been over a year since our last visit to Only Opaques, a site that we were floored at the time. In recent months, they have managed to grow even more, to find a more beautiful models UK amateur strip, and still have the form of pantyhose and legs focus that true fetishists will be salivating over.

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Only Opaques Review

Many things remain the same at Only Opaques as in our last visit, starting with the sort of content they produce. In recent months, they have grown considerably and now a total 884 totally exclusive videos and 353,365 totally exclusive galleries. In these movies and pictures are the same sort of girls. They are mostly English amateurs, they are all pretty, mostly all-natural, and are still devilishly teasing. The girls will be dressed in sexy outfits, like secretary or work uniforms, and they try on a variety of opaques, nylons, and pantyhose. There are full hose that run to their belly buttons, thigh highs, and all colors and textures. They undress coyly from their uniforms and sometimes give you a taste of their naked bodies: topless shots, clear views through opaque stockings of their pussy and ass. They remain teasing though, and not all girls will do nudity, but stop just shy of it.

Navigating through all of the material here is the same as I remember it from several months ago. The layout is simple but has a lot of great features. You can browse by pictures, videos or models, and do custom searches that allow you to apply various filters for the style of their clothes, the style of pantyhose, hair color, breast size, and many many more.

Video quality has improved since our last visit. It's still high definition and can be downloaded in gorgeous Windows Media files and MP4. The DVD downloads that look great. Quality playback as well as product quality and the actual recording, it remains in the upper portion of the industrial standards.

The galleries are as beautiful as we remembered, too. Images come in three sizes, the largest of which is called Ultra Large! These are hi-res, crystal clear images that are just beautiful. You can download them in easy to grab zip files or picture by picture.

Updates are made daily. That production has really transformed Only Opaques in the short time between our visits, and the image galleries are also significantly larger. That sort of reliability and steady growth is a huge bonus, and isn't something you can take for granted. Not all sites are so sturdy.

If that all isn't enough, you have access to the rest of Only- network that includes Only Tease, Only-Secretaries, Only Silk and Satin, Only Melanie, Only Carla, and OT Cams.

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Conclusion 94/100

Only Opaques has really matured in the last several years and is now a full featured mega site for legs and pantyhose fetishists. The site is large, easy to get around, and contains hi-res and high definition material. With all of it unique, exclusive, and updated daily, the site is an excellent choice.

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