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Some women work their way up the corporate ladder. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out which side of the fence the women at Office Pink fall on. These girls rely heavily on their looks and womanly charms to get ahead in the workplace and they look pretty darn good as they seduce their bosses and colleagues.

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Women at Office Pink show up to work in the sluttiest of outfits that they soon abandon in favor of full nudity. The nudity is almost always followed by masturbation and a hot fuck session. This site is part of a much larger network aimed at meeting the needs of the ultimate uniform porn connoisseur.

Right off the bat you’ll notice that the site is very visually appealing. The tour is colorful and it’s filled with hot chicks in stockings and lingerie bursting their long legs wide open and revealing their moist twats. There are various teaser picture samples to whet your appetite for what awaits you in the member area.

There are lots of pictures in the member area, 107 galleries to be precise with each one containing about 75 high resolution pictures. The pictures are large and sharp and they look very good but if you want to download them for later enjoyment, you have to save them one at a time as there is no ZIP download feature offered. The content of the pictures varies a great deal so you’ll see babes posing solo, some lesbian shoots as well as hardcore shoots.

What you won’t find videos at Office Pink. There are some videos available on the network hub but none of them are specifically for this site. So when you click on the videos tab, you’ll find hot maids, nurses and so on but you will not find any hot office sluts in the video section.

One huge mark against this site besides the lack of videos is the fact that there have not been any updates in years. The content is hot but the site is in dire need of fresh material although at this point it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Thankfully though, there are some bonus sites offered to keep you busy for a while.

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Conclusion 72/100

The bottom line is Office Pink has very interesting and fun content and it does an excellent job of sticking to its theme but it falls short on a couple of issues like lack of videos and updates. The access to the whole Maximum Uniform network is what ultimately makes a membership to this site worth getting.

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