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In case you were wondering, the 'O' stands for Oriental. And the girls in O Creampies are about as far from the east as you can get. The site features 448 scenes of beautiful Japanese girls sucking cock, getting fucked and ultimately ending up with a pussy full of and dripping with cum.

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O Creampies Review

I love seeing sites that micro-niche like this. I mean, before this site came along, you'd have to go to 2 different websites to get your fix. One for Japanese girls and one for creampies. It's great to see a site catering to this very specific group of porn fans.

At the time of writing this review (July 2015), O Creampies featured 448 scenes in its main content area. All of these scenes are of course creampie orientated. The site claims to have daily updates, but the member's area doesn't confirm that. Certainly not when you're talking about the featured creampie content. Perhaps when you include the bonus sites scenes (of which there are 2,548 – all featuring Japanese girls, but not in creampie scenarios) and DVDs, network access (members will receive access to 22 more Japanese porn sites), then you are talking about daily updates. One of the bonus sites, Idols 69, updates every single day.

But back to O Creampies. In terms of viewing options, each scene is available in a number of different formats. The best of these is the full-length MPEG4 option. If you prefer to stream, then that option is available too in a full-length streaming Flash video.

The site's update schedule doesn't seem to be set in stone. This month, 11 scenes have been added. The gaps between these updates are anywhere from 1 to 5 days. The content isn't exclusive, so they can afford to update a wee bit more often than a similar site proving exclusive content would be able to.

There is no photo content available in O Creampies. Just videos. But don't despair. If you're a fan of photo content, then you'll appreciate the bonus access that I mentioned earlier. Idols 69 features over 429 photo galleries (and that's on top of its 2,664+ videos including). The photos are excellent both in terms of the resolutions and the skill of the photographer. Members also receive access to Big Tits Tokyo and Anal Nippon. All 22 bonus websites, just like O Creampies, are centered around Japanese girls.

O Creampies Site Facts

Conclusion 86/100

O Creampies is an excellent choice for people who love both Japanese girls and Creampies who up until now haven't really had a place to go and have both these tastes catered to. He site has a decent volume of content, fairly frequent updates and great video quality. Value for money is awesome, especially once you take into account the bonus access to Idols 69, Anal Nippon and Big Tits Tokyo. Idols 69 in particular is a great part of this membership. A great membership for anyone who is into Japanese porn. Enjoy!

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