Naughty America: Hot Cooking Mom Getting Fucked By Her Son's Friend In The Kitchen

Naughty America Review

Freetour offers: Reality porn has taken over the web with almost every site following the episodic release schedule and fantasy fulfillment ideals that were put in place more than half a decade ago by the founders of the genre. Now there are networks that give you access to dozens of reality porn sites for the price of one. Naughty America is one of those networks and on the tour you can check out a full list of the models and the sites in the network. You can also take in sample pictures and videos from some of the most recent updates.

General impression: If you're into porn it's hard not to know about Naughty America and the content they produce. Based strictly on the tour I'm thrilled with what I'm about to do. This is largely based on the beauty of the models. Where else is a guy going to find such an amazing collection of hotties? Every single one of them is a babe beyond belief and they love to model their tight and sexy bodies for guys like you and me.

Bravo's opinion:  Naughty America is smartly designed with every piece of content easily accessible within just a few clicks. The latest update is the first thing you'll see and there's a Flash player there so you can watch the trailer right off the bat. Below that are the 15 scenes most recently added to the network with big pictures of the hotties that starred in each of the scenes. Click a chick and you'll be taken to the content viewing page that has links to the videos for download, the picture gallery, the streaming video and the user reviews section where you can leave your feedback.

For each scene they have six versions available for download. In WMV you get a normal, high and DVD quality clip. There's also a high quality MPEG and an iPod ready movie. There's also a five minute version of every scene that they've labeled the “on the go” clip. It's supposed to be for your iPod and while I don't know may people that masturbate while watching porn on their iPod I like the idea of giving you a streamlined fucked scene. There's a high resolution and a low resolution photo set for every scene too that can be browsed or downloaded.

There's the A-Z list of models. Every girl that's ever done a scene for them is listed and it's pretty big with more than 2080 babes. If you have a favorite pornstar be sure to check for her name because there's a good chance she's been here. You can also browse the content by site. If you want to see MILF sex check out My Friend's Hot Mom or My First Sex Teacher. If you want Asians go to Asian 1 on 1. If you want great POV porn then you should invest some time in Housewife 1 on 1. The list goes on and on.

I like to check the categories list. There are 28 categories list and they include big ass, blonde, hairy bush, glasses, long legs, petite, nice tits, redhead, shaved and stockings. They have a keyword swarm on almost every page and you can pluck a word from there and see which scenes match it as well. There are tons of great ways to appreciate the porn at Naughty America and the most important thing to know is that it's all exceptionally high quality.

The best thing about Naughty America is their dedication to fantasy fulfillment. Many modern reality porn sites almost completely ignore the reality part of the equation and go right into the fucking as soon as the scene starts. Here they put time into developing a plot. In one scene at My First Sex Teacher I was delighted to see a longtime fantasy of mine play out as the teacher asked her student to stay after class for a conference. She then proceeded to seduce him in the most sensual, sexy manner I've ever seen. She asked him what he knew about sex and how many times he had fucked a girl, etc. They spent four or five minutes building to the part of the scene where she took his pants off and sucked his dick and it was well worth it. I was so excited by the time she got there it was amazing.

That's the kind of thing that inspires me to keep coming back to Naughty America and the family of reality porn sites they've built. It's possible you haven't heard of all the sites in the network but they've launched a few classics that are among my favorites. Naughty Office might be the best of them and if you're looking for secretary or corporate themed porn it's the place to be. The girls are always dressed in sexy business outfits and they work in every fantasy known to man. Sometimes it's a secretary servicing her boss, sometimes it's two coworkers fucking and sometimes it's a female boss taking advantage of one of her male employees.

I've already mentioned Housewife 1 on 1 but it deserves another. Most scenes are genuine POV style where the guy doesn't talk at all. They're trying to put you into the room with the hot wife slut and letting you fantasize about what it would be like to fuck such a beautiful chick. You'd certainly be a lucky man if you were able to bone some of these beautiful babes on a daily basis. The truth is every site in the Naughty America network is a quality production and with more than 15 updates a week you couldn't possibly run out of content. That makes the membership fee one of the best bargains in the business.

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Conclusion 98/100

Naughty America is a reality porn network that provides you with more than 7,496 scenes featuring some of the finest pornstars on the planet. They strive to help you live out your fantasies and I think they've accomplished that goal. Whether you always wanted to fuck your neighbor's mom, your sex school teacher or the hot cougar that's always prowling the local bar they've got you covered. They update countless times a week and there's already so much porn the collection it will make your head spin. Naughty America is all a man needs for the fulfillment of his sexual desires and that's all I need to say about.

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