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Mr. Skin is any female celebrity loving man or woman’s wet dream come true. This site is part blog, part massive index of every broad famous or somewhat famous to grace television or the silver screen. The site indexes sexy and nude pics from movies where these gorgeous ladies have shown skin.

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Mr. Skin Review

If you’ve seen the movie Knocked Up, starring Seth Rogen and the gorgeous Katherine Heigel, then you’ll be familiar with the concept behind Mr. Skin. The stoner friends of Seth’s character are studiously watching every movie where an actress shows skin and writing down the exact time and duration of nudity. The only problem is that they find out another site already does just that, only better. That site is the one, the only, the original Mr. Skin.

There is just no other site that really compares to Mr. Skin in the celeb porn niche. It’s startling in its size and organization. There are over 30,000 video clips, mostly lifted from parts of movies and shows, as well as 197,500 plus pictures! With over 17,000 actresses indexed in their collection I guess those sort of numbers are to be expected, though.

It’s size and thoroughness isn’t the only thing that sets Mr. Skin so far apart from the competition - it’s that every morsel of celeb smut is the real deal. They don’t make any fakes out or deal in trickery, even when they’re desperate to see a model naked. The site has a blog within it that is entertaining in its own right and, more often then not, they lament the false reports of nudity or fake YouTube Videos. Actresses with non-nude clauses in their contract don’t get very nice treatment either. You’ll get plenty of laughs out of the cheeky editors running the site and once you’ve LOL’d your heart out, you can jump into the neatly organized library of nude and semi-nude celebrity pics and videos.

The design is smooth and looks great graphically. There is a huge search box when you get into the site where you can enter movies or actresses name. You can also look them up by name or browse through the hottest, most popular or featured models. The site has a few categories, like TV SHOWS, MOVIES and VIDEOS. TV Shows list the most recent nude shots on tv - Eva Amurri’s nude appearance in Californication is the most recent at my visit. Movies lists a huge number of films, with reviews and ratings based on the amount of nudity. Within the review it also lists which times within the film nudity or semi-nude action occurs (down to the second). Videos are streaming movies of various reels that fall into categories like MrSkin Minute, Inside Mr Skin, Top 100 Nude Scenes, etc. It’s sort of like a short E! real, but about nude celebs in movies and shows.

Updates are constant here with multiple pics and clips being added each and every day. You can browse through these in chronological order, too.

Not enough can be said about how smooth the design of this site functions. There are lots of smart layouts, categorizations and drop down menus that appear out of nowhere to assist you as you browse. The feature I liked best was the “My Favorites” list. You can favorite stars and movies and quickly access them my pulling down your list, which is available on every page.

One final aspect of membership to mention: discounts on porn sites! Yes, there may not be much in the way of hardcore action at Mr. Skin, but as a member you are constantly treated to MEMBER SPECIALS, which are super discounted memberships to all sorts of porn sites and adult dating sites.

Mr. Skin Site Facts

  • Pictures
  • 19750 Galleries
  • Videos
  • 30000 Galleries
  • 852x480 pixels Flash 0 Kbps
  • 1280x720 pixels MPEG4 2600 Kbps (downloadable)
  • Full Scenes: Yes
  • Multi-Bandwidth: Yes
  • No Download Limit: Yes
  • DRM: No
  • Exclusive
  • No
  • Updates
  • Daily
  • Cost
  • Monthly: $15.00 30 days
  • 1 Year: $72.00 365 days
  • Billing
  • Local Billing, No Independent Merchant
  • Credit Card Online Check
Conclusion 96/100

The combination of size, quality and overall design makes Mr. Skin just about the only real option when it comes to authentic, not fake, celeb nude and non-nude content. With a huge entertainment factor layered on top of shots of all the female celebs on the planet, Mr. Skin is just a great site and one that is a ton of fun.

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