MET Art is one of the longest running and most respected sources of high quality, artistic and erotic nude photography online.This fantastic site is absolutely massive and second to none when it comes to beautiful models and gorgeous movies and pictorials.

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MET Art Review

When you've been in the online porn business as long as MET-Art has been you must be doing something right. While others in the same niche have come and gone many times over, MET Art stands proud, successful and ever expanding as always. When I logged into the members area I sort of had the feeling of stepping back in the web time machine because the layout/design of the members area seems a bit dated. Don't let the lack of flashy graphics and bells and whistles make you think this isn't an extremely organized and powerful website, though. There are a lot of ways to browse through the content here and you're going to need them because there's a ton of material to enjoy.

Content is organized in a few ways, but chronological seems to be how the site most likes to display things to users. Across the top of the MET Art members area you'll find a series of dates and below the dates months. Click on any year, and then on the month to view all of the updates for that 30-day period. There's a box when you first log in below that where you'll set your “browsing preferences”. This is a great feature that few other sites have to offer. There you can set how you want to view the site when you browse: the resolution of pictures, simple or enhanced nav tools, how fast slideshows pass by and how many thumbnails to a page. Those on very fast or very slow connections will probably get the most juice out of these settings to maximize their connection speed. Beyond this you'll be able to browse through models by name or do some advanced searching for keywords, style of pussy hair, hair color, weight, height, photographer, breast size, country, ethnicity, etc. If you can dream her up, chances are you'll find her and pretty quickly thanks to these tools.

As I've already mentioned, MET-Art is an erotic photography/nude photography site, not a raunchy hardcore porn collection. These are softcore, nude photographs with a lot of attention spent on worshipping the curves of the female figure, the raw and natural beauty in the European girls that are showcased on the site and the values of good art: balanced images, rich colors, exotic settings and costumes, etc. Still, the #1 concern of every single morsel of content is on maximizing the impact of the girls' beauty - this can't be too hard to do because the babes are so amazing. You'll find all types of girls. Small boobs and big, plump tits, slim elegant types and firm bodied athletic goddesses. They pose in all types of clothing and outfits, in every sort of locale and studio setting. It's just fantastic. A lot of girls have multiple sets and movies, so when one catches your fancy (which will undoubtedly be the case) you can enjoy her more than once.

All of this glorious, high quality work is bundled into a total of 14,476 photos at the time of my visit. Yes, you read correctly. I told you this site was huge and that those search and browsing tools are absolutely essential. Picture quality is superb. Sets will usually contain more than 100+ images each that are large, high-res and perfect to the pixel. You can browse through the sets online or download them in zip files. As noted earlier, you can choose to browse the sets in low-res versions as well (they load faster).

The photography isn't the whole story here. There are also 1,151 movies filmed in the same style and spirit as the pictorials are shot.Playback quality is simply amazing. You can grab full length movies that generally run five to ten minutes long. If you don't want to wait for a download I'd recommend the Flash video player, available in High and Low speeds. The playback quality there is fantastic. There are also MP4 downloads that are ready to be viewed on your iPod and iPhone.

Updates are made daily. That pretty much ensures that this massive site is growing faster than you can digest the porn.Sign up and it's pretty much a life time of porn starring new faces and new locales every day. Sounds good, doesn't it?

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Conclusion 96/100

Few sites inspire the sort of praise that MET Art does. It's just one of the top dogs in the industry and for good reasons: a long track record of updates and quality; some of the hottest girls from Europe; varied settings and styles; artistic erotic photography from some of the best in the business; the list goes on and on. If you're seeking high quality, softcore, European nudes then you've found the best source for them at MET Art. I highly recommend this site.

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