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Lesbian Discounts is a network of exclusive lesbian porn sites. There are 8 lesbian sites available to members. The lesbian sites you'll get access to are Kiss Matures, Lick Nylons, Back Door Lesbians, Ladies Kiss Ladies, Lick Sonic, Pantyhose For Ladies, Pantyhose 1 and Girls For Matures.

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Lesbian Discounts Review

Freetour offers: The free tour is a bit on the messy side. Basically you'll see a large collection of thumbnail images, picked randomly from the content within the network. Near the top of the page there's a paragraph of text welcoming guests to the website. To the right, you'll find a list of the websites you'll be getting access to. Clicking on any of these links will take you to that particular site's free tour, so you can learn a little bit more about each site. You'll also notice more websites listed below the lesbian websites, and at the bottom of this list a link to a page with even more sites. The lesbian network may only consist of 8 websites, but the entire network you're getting access to contains 44 websites. I'll explain more about that later on, though. For the time being, I recommend you head over to the FAQ page where you'll learn how the pricing structure of this membership works. It's a little different to most.

General impression: The site is expensive. There's no doubt about that. But don't let the initial high cost put you off. It does get cheaper as your membership progresses, for one. Plus you are getting access to 8 lesbian websites and another 36 websites across various other niches. And try to remember that all of the content is exclusive.

Bravo's opinion:  When you log in, you're presented with thumbnail images representing each of the sites in the network. The lesbian websites are at the top, of course. And the other websites are listed below, separated into the following categories: strapon, shemale, pantyhose, mature, foot fetish, gay, anal and young women/older men. For now, I'll briefly explain the different lesbian websites in the network.

Kiss Matures is the latest addition to the network. It's brand new. Actually added just days before I started to write this review. So unsurprisingly there isn't a huge volume of content available just yet. At the moment (as of October 2008), the archive boasts 32 picture galleries and 15 videos. Inside Kiss Matures you'll find hot young babes and sexy older women getting it on.

Another website that's very new to the network is Lick Nylons. It's just been added in the last month or so. In it you'll find gorgeous women in thigh-high nylons pleasuring one another. The archive currently contains 35 picture galleries and 13 videos. The site appears to be updating every 4 days so far.

If you like watching girls fuck each other with strapons, then Back Door Lesbians is going to be right up your alley. Although as the name implies, this isn't just a regular strapon lesbian website. This is a strapon anal site. There are 109 videos available and 69 picture galleries.

Girls For Matures is the second site to feature young women and older women getting it on. But it's archive is substantially larger than the new site Kiss Matures. There's a massive 273 videos available with a new scene added every 4 days.

Ladies Kiss Ladies is one of just two sites that doesn't seem to have some other niche attached to it (the other being Lick Sonic). In it, you'll find 108 videos and a collection of 96 photo galleries. Lick Sonic contains 111 videos and 93 photo galleries.

The two remaining lesbian sites are both pantyhose orientated. There's Pantyhose For Ladies where pantyhose fans will see hot lesbian action in which all the participants are wearing pantyhose. Most of these scenes usually involve 3 girls. There are 44 videos available and 106 photo galleries. But it's Pantyhose 1 that boasts the largest archive of any of the sites. There are over 1 thousand image galleries available. 1197, to be exact! Along with 140 videos. And like that's not enough, there's also an additional archive of 821 picture galleries and another 80 videos bringing Pantyhose 1's total to 2018 galleries and 220 videos.

Of course the majority of the photo galleries come from Pantyhose 1, but the total number of galleries across the lesbian websites in the network amounts to 2449 and the total number of videos to 893.

The other websites you'll be getting access to are Pantyhose Coeds (18 Videos, 148 galleries), Matures And Pantyhose (107 videos, 347 galleries), Pantyhose Tales (267 videos), Pantyhose Face (37 videos, 836 galleries), Trans Pantyhose (55 videos, 391 galleries), Men In Pantyhose (93 videos, 411 galleries), Secretary Pantyhose (136 videos, 322 galleries), Pantyhose Screen (400 videos), Nylon Feet Line (170 videos, 2237 galleries), Nylon Feet Videos (278 videos), ePantyhose Land (126 videos, 560 galleries), Pantyhose Line (296 videos, 2212 galleries), Love Nylons (85 videos, 120 galleries), Pantyhose Parties (38 videos, 84 galleries), Nylon Screen (178 videos), Anal Pantyhose (67 videos, 106 galleries), Shemale Weddings (64 videos), Shemales Fuck Girls (134 videos, 68 galleries), Shemales Fuck Guys (146, 92 galleries), Wired Shemales (249 videos, 237 galleries), Shemale Screen (176 videos), Shemales Fuck Shemales (62 videos, 26 galleries), Strapon Screen (253 videos), Strapon Tales (100 videos, 516 galleries), Ladies Fuck Gents (99 videos, 128 galleries), Strapon Sissies (58 videos, 146 galleries), Strapon Power (36 videos, 79 galleries), Guys For Matures (281 videos), Action Matures (188 videos), Stunning Matures (162 videos), Boys Love Matures (14 videos, 39 galleries), Feet Screen (125 videos), Foot Orgies (97 videos, 963 galleries), Anal Pantyhose (67 videos, 106 galleries), Anal Saga (17 videos, 34 galleries), Girls For Old Men (11 videos, 25 galleries) and Gay Sissies (12 videos and 36 galleries).

Across the entire network you'll find over 5 thousand videos and over 12 thousand photo galleries with several new updates every single day from at least some of the websites in the network.

Lesbian Discounts Site Facts

  • Pictures
  • 15200 Galleries
  • Videos
  • 5800 Galleries
  • 640x480 pixels AVI 2000 Kbps (downloadable)
  • Full Scenes: Yes
  • DRM: No
  • Exclusive
  • All content is exclusive
  • Updates
  • Daily
  • Cost
  • Monthly: $84.95 recurs at $49.95/mo
  • Billing
  • CCBill
  • Credit Card
Conclusion 78/100

Most networks usually have a lesbian site or two thrown into the mix. But it's not very often that you'll get 8 in the one network. Especially not when all of them offer exclusive content. There's a huge volume of content available across a wide range of niches, and I'm only speaking about the lesbian websites. The other 36 websites are a whole other story! Yes, the website is expensive for the first month. But after the first month, the price reduces significantly. And the 5th month and every month thereafter is just 30 bucks per month. Read the FAQ on the tour. It explains the membership pricing. Overall, I think that in spite of the initial high cost, not only is this membership worth every penny, but I think it's great value for money. Enjoy!

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