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Leg Sex is the ultimate source of porn for the connoisseur of legs and feet featuring foot jobs and stockings to toe sucking and pantyhose and everything in between. With over 15 thousand pictures and hours upon hours of video, Leg Sex is the ultimate destination for foot and leg fetishists on the web.

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Leg Sex Review

Freetour offers: The first thing you'll see on the tour is a menu linking you to the various pages of the tour: Videos, Photos, Specials and Archive. Right below the menu is an embedded video trailer and below you'll find a whole lot of thumbnail image previews. Go through the tour and you'll get an idea of just how vast the range of content is inside this member's area. I've been inside a lot of websites and I've seen very few that can come even close to what Leg Sex offers. There's leg sex, footjobs, stockings, pantyhose, nylons, foot sex, stilettos, heels, garter belts, upskirts, trampling, bare feet, toe sucking,, soles, socks and even trampling. Be sure to check out the archive page where you'll see a list of the most recent updates to the website. But the best news is that you can browse the entire archive of updates! Each update on the tour includes a small thumbnail image along with the date it was added, the title of the update and a brief description of the video or picture gallery. Take note of the dates and the frequency of the updates.

General impression: Wow. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not particularly into the foot thing. It's not my personal taste. But even I can look at this website and see that as far as foot fetish stuff goes, Leg Sex is one of the best out there. After browsing for just a few minutes I've seen what must be one of the largest archives of foot fetish porn on the web. It's clearly maintained by people who share the fascination of their customers.

Bravo's opinion:  After logging in, all new members should head directly to the What's New area of the website. You'll find a link to it pretty easily on the menu on the left hand side of the page. Here you'll immediately see how frequently Leg Sex updates. Plus it gives you access to all the latest content with just one click. All the updates are dated so you can see just how often content is added to the website. It seems the site updates 3 times each week with two picture updates and 1 video update.

Most of you are probably already aware of the Leg Sex name from Leg Sex Magazine. The bulk of the image content available within this website are the current issue and back-issues of Leg Sex Magazine. The archives go as far back as February 2000 and there's been a new addition to the series every 2 months. At the time of this review (18th of March, 2014), there are a total of 375 issues available.

The image galleries are available in two different resolutions. There's 800 x 600 pixels, which is pretty standard as far as picture resolution goes. But you also get the choice of 1600 x 1200 pixels, which is absolutely huge. And don't make the mistake of thinking they're only twice as large as the 800 x 600 pictures. Twice as wide and twice as high means the picture is physically four times larger. They're huge! The quality is superb. Other than being able to browse the images online, members can also choose to download each image gallery as a ZIP file (which is available in both resolution options). Typically you can expect to find between 50 and 70 pictures per image gallery.

Extra images are separated into two different areas: Pic-Toe-Rials and Galleries. I'm not sure why, but that's just the way it is. In the galleries area, image galleries are broken down further into categories: Foot jobs, hall of fame, pin-up girls, upskirts, labor of love, MILF madness and Roxy Reynolds. The pictorials area seems to be of more interest to foot and leg fans with galleries broken down into more particular niches. There's heel pictures, pantyhose pictures, sock pictures, pantyhose pictures, toe pics, lingerie, girls, fetish, voyeur and XXX.

The video archive consists of 375 scenes. Typical length of these scenes is about 15 minutes. Members get a choice of a full-length download for each scene or clips (generally about 4 or 5 per scene). The full-length files offer the best video quality (not to mention the convenience of a single file for your viewing pleasure). These videos are Windows Media Video (WMV) format and are presented at a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. The bit rate they're encoded at is about 2Mbps (2022kbps to be exact). The clips aren't of the same quality. The low quality clips are also WMV format but are in a much smaller resolution of just 640x360 and are encoded at 532kbps. The higher quality clips are MPEG4 format and are 640 x 360 with a bit rate of 2000kbps.

There's also small collection of full foot and leg fetish DVDs.And the DVDs members get access to are Legsex Pinups, Latin Legs, Nymphos in Nylons, Feminization Fantasies, Carnal Foot Fantasies, Legsex Diaries, Hips to Heels Hardcore, Fantastic Footjobs and Extreme Fantasies. You get the same file choices when it comes to watching these scenes as you would in the regular video archive.

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Conclusion 84/100

For foot and leg fans, Leg Sex simply can't be missed. As far as picture content goes, this has got to be the single best foot and leg fetish website out there. And it's not like it's a small archive of videos either, especially when you consider that every second of video in this website is exclusive to the Leg Sex member's area. Most exclusive websites only update once per week. Leg Sex updates 3 times per week with a new video and 2 new image galleries each and every week. In my opinion it's fantastic value for money due to its high quality, its huge archive and its frequent and regular updates. Highly recommended for fans of this niche. Enjoy!

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