Katie Fey

Katie Fey has quickly become one of the web's most sought after solo girls and it's no surprise. What with her incredible body and seductive body, it's no wonder at all. Take a look and see what all the sensation is about. This girl will rock your world!

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Katie Fey Review

Freetour offers: The free tour for Katie Fey's website is beautifully designed and is almost as easy on the eyes as Katie Fey herself. All jokes aside, this is a great tour that gives you everything. You get a thumbnail previews of the most recent pictures and videos to be added to the members' area as well as details regarding the quality of the site such as minimum video resolutions, picture sizes and update frequency. Be sure you don't miss the sample video on the tour page. There are also a couple more free video samples on the video page of the tour.

General impression: I've been reviewing porn sites for quite some time. Suffice to say, I've seen a lot of the web's hottest babes. It takes a lot to stop the ol' Bravo monster in his tracks, but Katie Fey did just that. Her sultry beauty enthralled me. Those eyes, those lips. She's simply stunning. I couldn't wait to get inside and get a better look at Katie.

Bravo's opinion:  The inside of Katie's website is every bit as pretty as the tour. A pretty website for an incredibly pretty girl. Most importantly, it's easy to get around. Content is organized quite simply into the two obvious categories: pictures and videos.

The picture updates were shown first, so that's where I went. Straight to the latest gallery to be added. In this gallery, Katie's wearing a figure hugging tight black top with a very wide and low neck line, an incredibly sexy pair of black frilly laced panties and some fishnet thigh high stockings topped off with lacy trim around the top. The look on her face is something that I can't adequately describe. I guess the best way I could put it would be that when you see it, you just imagine Katie saying “Come here and fuck me right now.”

The first page of photos is just of Katie posing seductively. I don't think she knows how to pose any other way. On the next page, she ever so slowly inches her panties down as far as her thigh highs, giving you a glimpse of her neatly trimmed bush. That's probably one of the most exciting things about Katie's website: the tease factor. On the next page, that swooping neckline of her top comes into play as she pulls it down over one of her shoulders to reveal one of her beautifully shaped tits. You can't help but be impressed by how magnificent this woman is.

On the topic of photos, the quality of the photography is simply awesome. The file size is also pretty good, with pictures measuring no less than 1024 pixels on the longest edge. Also, each photo shoot is available in a downloadable zip file which makes it very easy to download your favorite sets. Also, at the time of this review, there were nearly 15 thousand pictures of Katie available to members.

The next stop was of course the video area. After such spectacular pictures, I figured it'd be nearly impossible to top the pictures section, but I was wrong. If there's one thing sexier than seeing Katie captured in stills, it's seeing her work that incredible body in full motion. This girl will have you on the edge of your seat begging for more as piece after piece of flimsy clothing is removed from her petite frame. This girl will drive you wild!

My favorite video is a recent one entitled orchid. Katie is standing in a dim room by a window. The sun lights up just enough of her body that you can get a good look, but still keeps things relatively mysterious. This video has a very arty feel to it. She pushes her panties down just far enough for you to see some of her bush and seductively moves her body around while fondling her beautiful tits. There's just something about this girl. Like I said, she'll drive you fucking wild guys!

There's one other category besides the pictures and videos of Katie. It's the friends section. In this area, you'll find heaps of pictures of some of Katie Fey's friends. Girls such as Piper Fawn, Kristina Fey, Andi Pink and Felicity Fey just to name a few.

Katie Fey Site Facts

Conclusion 86/100

After seeing Katie's website, it's not hard to understand what all the fuss was about. This girl is one of the most beautiful solo girls to have hit the scene in my opinion. She has a fantastic body and an even better pair of tits. There's something about her face. I can't quite put my finger on it. She's got this adorable Katie Holmes girl next door look about her, but at the same time, every little flicker of her eyelashes or movement of her lip is like she's begging to be fucked. It's incredibly hot. Get over to her tour and check out the sample videos. If you like what you see, then you'll love her members' area. Enjoy!

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