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Geek Girl Sex brings you nerdy chicks with high sex drives getting fucked in hardcore scenes and eating pussy in beautiful lesbian encounters. The sex is sensual and the girls always aroused and you'll find that as a member you get access to a huge network of high definition sites, which is the best reason to join.

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Geek Girl Sex Review

Freetour offers: Don't we all dream of hooking up with a geeky girl who also happens to be a hottie? Geek Girl Sex is trying to bring that fantasy to life for you with super hot young chicks wearing glasses and dressing in nerdy outfits getting fucked in their tight pussies or hooking up with each other for spectacular lesbian love. The tour offers you preview movies from the most recent episodes and since the site is in high definition they allow you to watch the teaser video in high definition as well. Isn't that nice of them?

General impression: I know for sure that I've always been attracted to the good looking girls that also had a little bit of geekiness running through them. They wear glasses, they usually dress a little bit conservative and are a little shy because they've been told that their intelligence is a liability. At Geek Girl Sex is appears as though all those excuses and inhibitions are being thrown aside to allow for passionate hardcore movies to be made between two geeky girls or a lucky guy and a geeky girl and I can't wait to see the results.

Bravo's opinion:  They don't waste any time in the member's area. The most recent update is at the top of the screen and the six added before that are right below it. There are large pictures representing each that show you what kind of girl you're going to be seeing. Along the top of the page there are links to the video pages, the picture page and the bonus content along with a few advertisements (adult dating, webcams, etc). So far it's a great looking site and the girls don't disappoint.

Geek Girl Sex is largely about the videos but I figured I would check out the picture galleries first just to see what they offered. There are 69 galleries and though there's a set for every movie they don't label them in any way. They simply provide a small thumbnail for each gallery so you're left guessing as to which is the one that you're interested in. In fact, the pictures are small enough that you can't really tell which girl is which until you've actually clicked and are looking at a full size shot. The images are 1000px and they look good but they're best used as a warm up tool while you wait for the high definition video to download.

Geek Girl Sex was launched in 2008 and they've been updating since then but it hasn't been consistent. There was a two month period where they didn't add anything and now its' every 7-10 days. The scenes are all broken up into 2-3 parts so sometimes it can take a full month for a complete scene to be released. That's really annoying and if the site wasn't part of a much larger network of HD porn I would tell you to not to join (more on that network later). However, it is and every site is great so don't worry about the updates and come to enjoy the geek sex.

There are eight scenes at Geek Girl Sex so far; not great for the five months they've been open but again this is a small part of a very large network of hot sites. Three of those scenes feature guy-girl sex and five feature girl-girl action. All the scenes are hot so as long as you like both kinds of action you'll be pleased with the content. I've watched most of the content and I honestly can't decide which I like better. They both have their merits. The scenes can be downloaded in a high definition WMV. I was a little disappointed they didn't offer something between the HD and the low resolution. Going from an insanely beautiful clip to 320x240 is a precipitous drop and I know that some computers can't quite handle HD or that you might not want to wait for the download.

I also know that you should have patience and just wait for the download because these scenes are jaw dropping. The girls are gorgeous and they sell the geeky thing well. In one lesbian scene between Ava and Leah Wilde one chick is wearing a loose tank top and jeans while the other is wearing a blue quarter sleeve top and jeans. They're not all sexed up and slutted out but at the same time they're still gorgeous.The sensuality gets started with a massage and then we're watching the girls undress and get down to the business of having lesbian sex.

In all the scenes I was impressed with the level of sensuality and desire. In some porn the performers concentrate only on the physicality of the scene. They make sure that they're always at the right angle and that they're moaning loudly enough but great porn involves an element of desire and passion that some performers just can't pull off. Everyone they've brought in at Geek Girl Sex knows how to make the magic happen. Watching girls suck each other's tits will be enough to make your dick hard.

The hardcore scenes are wonderfully lusty and my favorite features a blonde cutie named Brooke Cherry. She's hired as a tutor for a young man named Jimmy and he ends up getting to fuck her pussy as a reward for studying hard and doing well on his test. That would motivate any man, don't you think? I like the scene because Brooke is really hot and ultimately porn comes down to a hot chick getting fucked. She also sold the geeky thing really well. She came off as quite smart before turning into a lusty fuck slut.

There are 20 sites in the high definition porn network that you get access to as a member of Geek Girl Sex. Each site comes with downloadable movies and picture galleries just like this one. Most of the sites are updated regularly. At the very least you'll see at least one new movie per day so you should have more than enough high definition porn to keep you happy. Niches covered include anal sex, big tits, solo babes, black sex, teen lesbians, sex toys, big cocks and shemale sex.

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Conclusion 77/100

Geek Girl Sex is a lovely high definition sex site centering on nerdy girls that happen to have high sex drives. These chicks need to get off to stay motivated and functional and they're happy to help each other get there. There are hardcore and lesbian scenes in the member's area and while they don't update often enough (eight full scenes in the five months they've been open so far) you get access to a network of 20 high definition porn sites when you join so you're actually getting a great deal for your reasonable membership fee. If you're looking for high definition porn this is one of the best options on the web.

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