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Freetour offers: When you first arrive at the website, you'll see some pictures that look like magazine covers. They do one of these for each update. It's a little gimmicky, but I like it. But the most important thing is for you to scroll down and see just how many of these magazine covers there are. Starting to get the picture? We're literally talking about hundreds of updates so far. And better yet, there are new updates every 2-4 days. Just take a look at the updates page (you'll find the link next to the join and member's area links). I love how they tell you all about the updates. How many pictures, how many megabytes of video, and a little bit of information about the model and the photoshoot. 1 Feb, 2016 site contains 730+ Different FTV Girls, 986 + videos, 886 + Unique Professional Photo Sets.

Be sure to check out the Super Pics link also. There you'll find Superpic samples; pictures of an extremely high resolution. These babies measure in at an incredible 2000x3000 pixels! I've never seen pictures of such a huge size on any other website, and I've certainly never seen a website offer anything near this kind of quality as a free sample. With the detailed reports about updates and these high quality picture samples, I can honestly say that this is one of the best tours I've been on. Hell, a guy could get off without even pulling his credit card out! But trust me, it's worth it to see the rest inside. It gets better. Much better.

General impression: I guess my first impression when I arrived at FTV Girls was surprise at the huge range of content available, and the sheer quality of what was available both on the tour and inside the member's area. The photography really is quite beautiful, as are the models.

Bravo's opinion:  Everything gets a thousand times better once you reach the member's area. You can access the content via the model index or the via the updates menu. There's a latest updates page, and an updates archive page. So you can check out all the pictures and videos in the order that they were added to the website. There's also a page specifically for the supersized pics that I talked about before.

I went straight to the recent updates. At the time of this review, the latest update was of Katie. I was already beginning to drool. Apparently, Katie had been featured on the website before, and there was such a demand to have her back by members that they decided they'd give the members what they wanted. Good choice. This set is hot! I love how there's a little story to go along with all the pictures that explains what's going on. It just makes everything seem far more personal in my opinion. There is far too much video and pictures of just Katie alone to tell you everything. One video goes from Katie trying on her shoes and getting dressed, to running out into the yard naked. Then she fucks herself with a nice clear dildo by the poolside. Then she's back inside to show off her stretching ability. This babe's body can seriously contort. Got me wondering about all the creative things she could get up to in the sack! Then it's time for even more dildo play and eventually they head out to lunch to wrap things up. I know that's brief, but if I were to tell you every little detail about this beautiful babe's adventure that day, this review would never end. I could write about that sweet cunt all day, or those beautiful tits, or even that gorgeous smile. Her videos are a lot of fun, and they won't disappoint. And neither will any of the hundreds of other videos available.

Nor will the pictures. Even the regular pictures on this website are over a 5000 pixels on the longest side. That's considered large at most sites, but as you know, FTV Girls have the incredibly large superpics. They are very bright and girls look really attractive, being shot by a professional photographer who knows exactly how to shoot pretty girls.

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Conclusion 96/100

This website is nothing short of incredible. I've been browsing it now for several hours, and I'm still skimming the surface. There's a huge volume of content inside this website. This is not one of those websites where you'll work your way through all the content in a day. It'll take you months and months to even begin to make a dent in this massive archive of content. This website is without a doubt my new favorite website. And I'm not just saying that. The girls are beautiful, the photography is beautiful, the archives are huge and vast, the quality is amazing. There's nothing bad about this website at all.

I'm not even telling you that you should join this website, I'm telling you that you have to join this website. It's simply incredible. You will not be disappointed. I can personally guarantee that you will love FTV Girls!

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