Fist Freaks

If the name of this site isnt' clear enough for you, then one glimpse at the tour and you'll know exactly what this site is all about. Fist Freaks is a collection of extreme pussy and anal fisting. Most will find this content bizarre and offensive. But one look at the free tour and fisting fans will be in fist heaven.

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Fist Freaks Review

Take a good look at the free tour. It's almost identical in design to the member's area. All that differs is the items on the menu near the top of the page and of course the fact that you can now reach the pictures and videos, rather than just a trailer like on the tour (which by the way I recommend checking out).

Fist Freaks is a site with exclusive content, it already has archive of 65 full-length and extremely hardcore fisting videos. So far, the site has seen consistent updates since it was opened. And I have no doubt that this will continue. I know this because Fist Freaks is a part of the Fetish Network. And in my experience with their websites, consistent updates is pretty much par for course. They certainly know how to take care of their customers. And I have no doubt that will continue with Fist Freaks, just like with the rest of their network.

Speaking of which, your membership to Fist Freaks also includes unlimited access to the rest of the Fetish Network. I'd recommend reading our review of Fetish Network if you want to find out more. But briefly, the network is a collection of 28 other websites, many of which also feature exclusive content. The network features several bondage/bdsm websites as well as smothering, smoking, nylons and female domination just to name a little of what's on offer.

Back to Fist Freaks, though. I was somewhat disappointed at the range of options on offer when it came to the video content. There isn't a WMV option in sight. Instead, you get streaming flash and downloadable MP4 videos. Mp4 does offer excellent quality, but in terms of compatibility, you're much safer offering WMV files. I was however happy to see that they offer full-length videos, instead of just clips like so many websites seem to be doing these days.

Both the MP4 and streaming Flash videos are available in a resolution of 720x480 pixels, encoded at around 1500kbps for the mp4 files and at about 1000kbps for the streaming flash videos. The mp4 videos are available to be downloaded, without any DRM protection to worry about.

There is no photo content available in Fist Freaks, but they do provide image content in the form of screencaps (still frames taken from the video). The quality of these is obviously limited compared to normal photo content, which offers a much sharper and clearer image. Whereas screenshot galleries tend to be low resolution and are often somewhat blurred. You won't notice it while the video is playing, but it's definitely noticeable when the video is paused, which is essentially what a screenshot is.

Fist Freaks Site Facts

  • Pictures
  • 0 Galleries
  • No Watermarks: Yes
  • Videos
  • 68 Galleries
  • 720x480 pixels MPEG 1500 Kbps (downloadable)
  • 720x480 pixels Flash 1000 Kbps
  • Full Scenes: Yes
  • Multi-Bandwidth: Yes
  • Video Captures: Yes
  • No Watermarks: Yes
  • No Download Limit: Yes
  • DRM: No
  • Exclusive
  • All content is exclusive
  • Updates
  • Weekly
  • Cost
  • Monthly: $29.95 Discount - Save $10!
  • Billing
  • Epoch
  • Credit Card Online Check
Conclusion 80/100

For what is a hard fetish website, there is a decent amount of content available in Fist Freaks already. And so far, the weekly updates have been consistent. I have no reason to believe this won't remain the case for a long time. The additional network access to the rest of the Fetish Network dramatically improves value for money, especially if you are into things like bondage, spanking, bdsm and all that kind of thing. Also, this website is usually $39.95. However, we have been able to work out a deal with the website owner to offer Bravo Porn readers a discount of $10 per month. So now you can access the Fetish Network for just $29.95 instead of the regular price of $39.95. An even better deal exclusive to Bravo Porn readers!

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