Fake Taxi

Be careful next time you jump into a taxi in Prague or London cause you may end up in the FakeTaxi, where the driver is fake and he’s just a guy who wants to fuck random girls, by offering them some money. Girls are talked into sex and end up with their holes filled with cock!

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Fake Taxi Review

FakeTaxi is a brand new site featuring naughty London and Prague fake taxi drivers who pick up fares and get their payments through all kinds of trickery and charm. Not every girl is seduced easily, and many put up a hilarious fight and give lots of shit to the driver before being paid off and talked into it. They have hidden cameras and hand held cams to record the action and besides having great amateur sex, POV blowjobs, and messy facials, the scenes are fun and entertaining. In the free tour you can watch some preview videos and you'll see what is this all about.

The members’ area looks simple and user-friendly with a link to bonuses, friend sites, favorites and two drop down menus, where you can filter your search by model and by agent. You can also go through the list videos along the page, which one assumes is from newest to oldest and across various pages.

There are no photos but there are 214 videos inside FakeTaxi that can be streamed in a Flash player in good quality. You have to option to download the flicks to save them in your computer in MOV format playing at 5000 kbps 1280x720, in WMV format playing at 5000kbps 1280x720.

The girls jump in the cab, give him the address and after a few minutes they realize they don't recognize the streets they are on, and the cab driver's cheeky responses aren't amusing them. Some girls start to get pretty pissed, these ones end up almost fighting the cabby, who then tells the girls that they need to suck his cock if they don't want to go to jail for trying to skip his fare. Other scenes are a bit different, with the cab driver an kind guy and a charmer, who talks to the girls and flirts with them subtly, until coming around and offering them a lot of money to have sex with him or just to blow his cock.

Fake Taxi Site Facts

Conclusion 87/100

The cab drivers at FakeTaxi are crafty and they really manage to pick up some very smoking hot girls. You can browse bonus hardcore videos and enjoy some more porn. The whole flirting and talking at the beginning is fun to watch and then the hardcore part begins and you’ll be absolutely thrilled. Fake Taxi does a fantastic job with their reality porn episodes, videos are HD and you have the chance to download the vids on your mobile device. There’s no information about update schedules, but the site is brand new and I’m sure they will add more videos. Highly recommendable.

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