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Exploited Teens is one of the most popular POV porn sites on the internet, and it's not hard to see why. With nothing but a hardon and his trusty video camera, Mike manages to talk these sweet teen girls into getting fucked on camera.

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Exploited Teens Review

Freetour offers: What I really like about the Exploited Teens tour are the descriptions. Most sites only write a couple of vague lines about each scene. Mike, however, gives a nice long description of each scene. Below each description is a series of thumbnail images depicting the scene in question. The thumbnail images are all from screencaps taken from the scene. The overall design of the tour is quite nice and is very simple.

General impression: Exploited Teens seems like a no nonsense kind of site. While Mike does smooth talk the girls, it's not dragged on like other similar websites. The scenes usually get to the action pretty quickly, and that can't be a bad thing in this reviewer's mind. I think the two things that impressed me most initially were how cute the girls are and the sheer number of videos available.

Bravo’s opinion: Like the tour, the design of the member's area is quite simple. My only complaint would be that there are some rather large webcam adverts between you and the Exploited Teens content when you login. My personal opinion is that there should be as few adverts in a member's area as possible, and if you must have them, then at least make them nice and small. This is only a minor issue though. Scroll down a little and you'll arrive at the content. There's a link to the latest scene to be added to the website along with a description just like on the tour.

Below that there is a link to the archive. Like I already mentioned, this was one of the most important aspects of this website. The archive is simply huge when you consider that all of the Exploited Teens videos are exclusive to only this website. At the time of this review (May 2015), there were over 525 full length and exclusive scenes available to the members of Exploited Teens. That is a huge amount considering that there are many so called adult video websites with exclusive content that have been around.

Even better is the fact that new scenes are being added on a weekly basis. So, by the time you log into the member's area, there should be even more scenes available for you to enjoy. Needless to say, it will take quite some time before you manage to catch up with the updates. This website certainly has longevity. Improving the value for money is the fact that you also get access to Exploited Teens' sister website; Exploited Black Teens. This website is just like Exploited Teens with one rather obvious difference that I don't think I need to point out. It also updates weekly and has an equally impressive archive of content. So, between the two sites, you'll have access to hundreds of exclusive scenes as well as 2 new videos per week for the price of just one very reasonably priced website.

One of the first things you'll notice when browsing content is the lack of pictures. Besides the thumbnail images used to depict the video scenes, there is no picture content on Exploited Teens. This website is video website only. The reason for this is that it's a POV (point of view) site and it's just Mike and the girl in the room. As talented as Mike is, I'm pretty sure he can't film and do a photo shoot while getting his freak on! So, for picture lovers out there, this website isn't for you. This website is all about hardcore sex videos. And in my opinion, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Being a video website, you'd expect some pretty good quality stuff and that's just what you get at Exploited Teens. The newer scenes are all available in both clips and as one full length video. However, for the older videos, I have a tip that will certainly help you out. If you're like me, then you certainly don't want to be stopping mid-stroke to get to the next video every minute. So, for the older videos that are only available as clips, all you need to do is create a playlist (very simple in Windows Media player and most media players for that matter) with all of the clips. This way, when one video ends, the next will begin. The result is one seamless video. It'll be as if it were just one file.

I like to write about my favorite scene from the site when writing a review. With such a large archive of content, Exploited Teens wasn't making this an easy task. There are just so many videos to choose from. But I did finally manage to find a favorite. The video featured Scarlet, a tiny 18 year old girl that measured in at just 5'3. I say tiny for a good reason. This girl is just 95 pounds! What I certainly wasn't expecting from a 5'3 girl weighing 95 pounds was this incredible pair of natural C cup breasts. They are simply exquisite. She has dark hair and slightly pale skin. Right up my alley. But don't worry, there's everything from blondes to redheads on Exploited Teens.

Anyways, the first couple of minutes are Mike and Scarlet talking, as you'd expect. The conversation quickly turns to her body and it's not long before she's showing it off and Mike is busy squeezing her tits. Her jeans come off, to reveal a pair of sheer panties with yellow lace trim, which gives Mike and the viewer a glimpse of her shaved pussy. Next off is her shirt and bra which reveals her magnificent pair of tits which Mike is quick to pounce on. At first, he tweaks her nipples with her fingers but then sucks on them to get them nice and hard. Of course, the panties come off next to reveal a lovely surprise. Not only is Scarlet's cunt shaved, but she's also got some of the nicest and plumpest pussy lips I've ever seen, especially on such a tiny girl. I could suck on those lips for hours! Mike fingers her for a little while and plays with those lovely lips, but then it's time for the fun to begin. He gets Scarlet down on her knees and she pulls off his boxer shorts. She takes to his cock with her mouth like a fish to water. This girl clearly loves to suck cock and judging by Mike's reaction, she's also very good at it. He then lays her on her back, with her head hanging just over the edge of the bed and gets her to suck on his balls while he works the shaft with his hand. She then tilts her head back, which allows Mike to slide his cock into her mouth and down her throat. He slowly works it in and out of her mouth. He can tell that Scarlet wants to get fucked, so he turns her over onto her back and slides his cock inside of her. He then asks if he can fuck her doggy style and she says yes with a rather large smile on her face. God, this girl has such a fine ass. Mike can't keep his hands off her ass cheeks while he fucks her pussy from behind. I just love the POV angle when he's fucking her from behind like this. You get to look down and see what Mike sees. You can see her cunt wrapped tightly around his thick cock as he slowly slides it back and forth. He then gets her into a pile driver position and fucks her for a few minutes longer. Once he's ready to cum, he gets her down on her back and has Scarlet suck on his balls while he jerks himself. Finally, he dumps a load of hot cum right into her mouth. She takes nearly every drop into her mouth without complaint. What a good little Exploited Teen!

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Conclusion 88/100

Exploited Teens is an excellent hardcore teen sex website. The file quality of the videos is great. The girls are cute and there's not too much boring chit chat before the fucking begins. Probably the most impressive thing is the size of the archive as well as the continuing weekly updates. Also, the fact that you get bonus access to Exploited Black Teens makes this website awesome value for money in my opinion. If you wanna see cute teens get fucked, then this site is definitely for you. Enjoy!

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