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Euro Humpers Review

Freetour offers: You'll be in no doubt as to what this website is all about once you've arrived. Everything is explained with a combination of the collage of images at the top of the page and the introductory text below. Scroll down further and you'll see several scene previews, each consisting of a couple of nicely sized pictures and some smaller thumbnail images. You'll get a description of the events leading up to the scene as well as a link to a video trailer depicting that particular scene. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the page where you'll find out some information about a great bonus you'll get for becoming a member of the Euro Humpers website.

General impression: I love the concept of this website. I just wish I had of thought about recording all of my conquests when I was fucking my way through Europe! These guys really are living the dream that so many guys have dreamed of. The big difference between my European adventures and those of the Euro Humpers? The ladies. I don't know how they do it, but every single one of these broads is a drop-dead gorgeous beauty. I certainly didn't have as much luck as they did! My first impression? Pretty good if you can't already tell. I just hope the member's area can follow through.

Bravo's opinion:  The member's area design is refreshingly simple. It's not all that different to the tour in terms of layout. The header image is different. But the videos are laid out in a tour-like manner. Basically one episode listed after another. For each scene you'll see the date it was added to the website, a large thumbnail image and four smaller thumbnail images, a description of the scene and of course links to the pictures and videos related to that scene.

The big downside currently is a small archive of content. Hopefully the site has seen some new updates between the time this review was read and the time you read this. Because prior to the halt in updates, the site was updating week to week without fail and it'd be great to see that happening again.

The content quality is great. I was particularly impressed by the image galleries. Firstly, the quality of the photography is top notch. It's as good as what you'll find on any of the well known websites. Probably even better. And they're huge. Forget about websites with 40 or 50 pictures per gallery. You'll literally get hundreds of high quality pics in each picture gallery within the Euro Humpers member's area. The one thing that's slightly disappointing is the resolution which is around 1200x700 pixels. All the thumbnails are presented on a single page, which makes browsing through the gallery a breeze. My personal recommendation is to take advantage of the downloadable zip archive that's available with each image gallery. This way you can download an entire image gallery and browse it offline. This makes a huge difference in terms of speed as you're not waiting for each individual picture to load.

I was just inside another one of the member's area in the Porn Pros network of websites (of which Euro Humpers is a part of) and the one thing that disappointed me about that particular site was that each video scene was only available as a series of clips. In other words, you couldn't download the entire scene as a single full-length video file. I was expecting the same from Euro Humpers but thankfully this is not the case. Members are given the option of full-length videos and clips, which is great. The full-length video is available in only high quality WMV whereas the clips come in high and low quality versions in both WMV and MPEG formats. All the videos are presented in 16:9 widescreen at a resolution of 1200x700 pixels. The MPEG files are encoded at a higher bit rate of 3400kbps compared to the WMV files which are just 2100kbps. But I'd personally recommend the WMV files. They look better, even with the lower bit rate. Partly due to the superior compression algorithms of the Windows Media codec. The other advantage is that with a smaller bit rate, the files are smaller for you to download and you'll get your hands on some porn that little bit faster. It's win-win!

Okay so what's this Porn Pros network all about? Well part of your bonus for joining Euro Humpers is access to not just this website, but also to three other websites in the Porn Pros network. These are the sites I was talking about at the bottom of the tour. So you should go there to get a glimpse of the other websites. Firstly there's 18 Years Old, which features only the hottest 18 year old babes getting fucked. Real Ex Girlfriends is one of my favorites. This site features videos from jaded boyfriends who have caught their girlfriends fucking and managed to catch it all on tape. And what better way to get back at her than to show the whole world what a filthy whore she's been? Inside the Freaks of Cock website, you'll see hot young babes taking on the most monstrous cocks you've ever laid your eyes on. They're unbelievable. And of course there's Euro Humpers. On top of those 4 sites, there's also bonus access to thousands of DVD titles. So you'll get access to four exclusive websites for the price of one plus a shitload of DVD titles to watch. Not bad, eh?

Euro Humpers Site Facts

  • Pictures
  • 24 Galleries
  • ZIP Files: Yes
  • Videos
  • 24 Galleries
  • 512x336 pixels Flash 0 Kbps
  • 1200x700 pixels Windows 3000 Kbps (downloadable)
  • 1200x700 pixels MPEG 2100 Kbps (downloadable)
  • Full Scenes: Yes
  • Video Captures: Yes
  • DRM: No
  • Exclusive
  • All content is exclusive
  • Updates
  • No updates
  • Cost
  • Trial: $2.95 1 day, recurs $24.95/mo
  • Monthly: $24.95 1 month
  • Billing
  • CCBill, Epoch
  • Credit Card Online Check
Conclusion 75/100

I like the concept behind this website and they've pulled it off pretty well too. The girls are hot and the action is very hot. I'm concerned about the lack of recent updates but hopefully this situation is rectified soon. The content is all exclusive. Not just in Euro Humpers but also in the 3 other websites you'll be getting access to. It's a good little membership and assuming the updates situation does sort itself out, it's well worth checking out in my opinion. Enjoy!

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