Dungeon Virgins

Dungeon Virgins is for those of you that are into light bondage. They don't beat the girls till their asses are bright red and they don't bind them with complicated rope knots. Instead they have a small dungeon that all the girls come to and most end up chained to the wall. There are naughty brides, beautiful models and more to pleasure you.

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Dungeon Virgins Review

Freetour offers: Here are the keywords along the top of the warning page for Dungeon Virgins: chained, bound, ropes, gagged, caged, stripped, spanked and nude. Sounds hot, right? The idea is that these girls have never been subjected to bondage before and so could be considered virgins of the genre. To that end they've tried to cast virginal, innocent looking babes and have succeeded for the most part, at least judging by the tour. Visit and you'll see lots and lots of small pictures.

General impression: I'm not all that interested in the idea that these girls are bondage virgins, to be honest. There's really no way of proving that fact and since they're not being fucked it doesn't matter much. What matters is that the girls are young and hot and that many have an innocent quality that I'm sure the site's producers are going for. The tour has lots of free pictures and there seem to be a lot of costumes on the ladies; brides, maids, nurses, etc. It makes me thing it's going to be a great ride on the inside.

Bravo's opinion:  The latest updates are on the member's main page and they're great about adding new content. There's a new picture update every 3-4 days. The picture updates usually have 2 galleries, so it's double the fun. You can browse the latest updates or use the row of links along the top of the page to guide you to the various content sections. The member's area is pretty easy to browse, despite the lack of a sophisticated design. It just goes to show that such a thing is not always necessary.

There are 179 picture galleries at Dungeon Virgins and a huge number feature the themes I talked about in the impressions section. Beautiful brides are the most prominent theme and they go all out, dressing the girls in a full, albeit cheap, wedding gown. They don't stay dressed for long of course; you can't play with a girl's tits if they're trapped behind a wedding gown or a bridal corset. The girls are always alone, except for the occasional handing reaching out from behind the camera to tie a knot or grope a tit while the girl is unable to move. It's every man's fantasy to be able to play with a pair of tits without recourse.

The girls all seem to be wearing the same wedding dress, which is no surprise given how expensive a dress can be. My favorite wedding themed gallery stars Lynda, a good looking blonde with plump pink lips, long blonde hair and a beautiful pair of tits that look fake but move as if they're natural, at least when he squeezes them. Lynda is chained to a rack by her wrists and ankles. She can't move and her arms are above her head, leaving her completely open to the roaming hand of the camera man. He takes the opportunity to grope her tits and he undresses her so he can grope her ass as well. You'll find that most of the bride galleries are like this.

As dungeon and BDSM content goes that's pretty tame stuff. Does it get any harder or more painful for the girls? The truth is, no it doesn't. This is a light bondage site at best, with a hard spanking being the roughest thing the ladies receive. In addition to the schoolgirl and office babe themes there are scenes with chicks in fetish wear. Jo May does a great gallery where she's posing in a skin tight black latex dress. A few other girls are stripped naked and bound with tape or rope, but again the rope bondage is light compared to other sites that specialize in this sort of thing.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing though; some people aren't really into the harder bondage and would just like to see the ladies restrained or dressed in a sexy outfit. Dungeon Virgins is good for that, and you wouldn't want to treat a first time dungeon occupant so harshly anyway, right? The model index is useful if you find a favorite babe and want to see what else she's done for the site. Some of the girls have only shot one gallery or video, but some have come back for multiple turns at the wheel of bondage.

You get a picture from the scene, the length and the file size. The picture is usually a pretty good representation of what you'll see, or at the very least of what the model looks like. I downloaded a few videos, the best of which was a hot scene starring a long haired blonde named Louise. She was wearing a black latex catsuit and black latex boots and her DD breasts were threatening to pop out at any minute. She looked beyond stunning and the scene consisted of her walking around the dungeon looking hot. It wasn't particularly imaginative but when you've got that hot a model why do you need to be creative?

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Conclusion 83/100

Dungeon Virgins is a light bondage site. They restrain the girls and bind them with ropes or tape in some cases, but it rarely goes beyond that. There's a spanking every so often, but these are primarily solo sets. I think there's a place for content like that on the web and I think this is a very good site. They have 179+ photo galleries for download. The are high quality and the girls look amazing. Plus, I really like the themes they explore, including beautiful bondage brides, naughty schoolgirls and latex clad domintraces.

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