Cougar Sex Club

In Cougar Sex Club, you'll see groups of 3 fit and hot older women on the prown for a younger man to satisfy their sexual urges. And these ladies always get what they want. This brand new website features exclusive content and bonus access to an entire network of high quality porn sites at no extra cost. Plus it's available to Bravo Porn readers at a reduced monthly membership price.

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Cougar Sex Club Review

Once you buy into the Cougar Sex Club you buy in to a huge network of porn so don’t let the numbers put you off. 24 videos and 24 galleries might not sound like a lot and, when you consider that the site has been running for a year, it isn’t. But there are thousands more pieces of hot content in your extras and bonuses, and some of it will also feature MILFS, cougars and all the other little genres included here.

Your home page brings you the latest updates, though there isn't much detail with the videos only that they were added some time ago, the galleries have dates and up until June of this year there was a weekly update. Let’s hope this continues. The menu takes you off nice and easily to the main areas. Start with the videos for your small but good quality collection and there you will start to see what the fantasy is here. Three girls (in the main) get together and chat, have coffee mornings, gossip and generally behave like Desperate Housewives. Then they dial a pizza, for example, and the poor (lucky) delivery guy gets four-way action with three sexed up MILFS. Oral, anal, penetrations, you name it these classless but classy broads give it to him.

You can easily access the streaming version of the videos which is clear and TV like in quality, or you can download in various options including a WMV version at 1039kb/s @ 640x360, which is also fine to view. While you’re doing that you can get involved by rating the movies and adding comments, you can see how many views the movie has had, who is in it, there are screen caps to go with it and on this main video page you actually see the date it was added, so you can check on updates after all.

The galleries too are easy on the eye, simple to find and navigate, and come with zip file downloads. Here you get posed shots of the models as well as shots taken during the action sequences, so it’s a nice mix of digital stills.

Cougar Sex Club also brings you a good set of functions that allow you to get really involved. There is a profile area where you can make up your profile, add pics and search out other members – like a hook up and dating site; now that’s a real reason for staying a member. Another reason is all the extras and bonuses you get including 100 bonus networked sites – with more exclusive content – over 15,150 models in the index and thousands more image galleries and videos. You have links to toy stores and DVD stores, there is good help and support if you need it, a search engine and a favourites area. They’ve thought of just about everything.

And at the heart of all this fun and horny viewing are the older cougar ladies who drip sex as they launch themselves on heir unsuspecting men.

Cougar Sex Club Site Facts

  • Pictures
  • 24 Galleries
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • ZIP Files: Yes
  • Videos
  • 24 Galleries
  • 640x360 pixels Windows 2000 Kbps (downloadable)
  • 1280x720 pixels MPEG4 4100 Kbps (downloadable)
  • 852x480 pixels Flash 0 Kbps
  • Full Scenes: Yes
  • Multi-Bandwidth: Yes
  • Video Captures: Yes
  • No Download Limit: Yes
  • DRM: No
  • Exclusive
  • All content is exclusive
  • Updates
  • Weekly
  • Cost
  • Monthly: $19.99 Save $10/month
  • Multi-Mo: $89.99 $7.50/month
  • Billing
  • Epoch, No Independent Merchant, SafeBilling
  • Credit Card 900 #, Online Check
Conclusion 81/100

Conclusion: It looks like a new gallery every week with a new video every month – with a break in the schedule recently happening – hopefully it’s back on track now. The theme of older women devouring sexy younger guys is well kept to here, the quality is great, your viewing options are fine, the sex is hot and hard all the way, and you have enough extras and bonus content to float a battleship. The network is great value for money and will contain many more of these exclusive and totally load blowing older ladies.

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