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There is something just so incredibly naughty about this website. You can't help but love it. If you're a fire and brimstone kind of Christian, then maybe you should stop reading now. I don't want to be damned to hell for my views!

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Church Upskirts Review

Freetour offers: The Church Upskirts tour really is quite bland. One of the good things about it is the updates list at the top, where you see just how often this website gets updated. Expect about 25 new pics every week. Every Sunday, actually. Sheesh, he doesn't wait long to get the new stuff online, does he? I wonder how long after the Sunday service it is until he's busy uploading his new exploits? ;)

General impression: When I first arrived at Church Upskirts, my first thought was simply No Way! Yes way! Someone actually had the balls to go ahead and get upskirt shots from within a church. It would be unbelievable if it weren't for all the pictures and videos inside the member's area. This website really pushes boundaries! Oh, and you'll be amazed to see some girls who don't think it's necessary to wear panties to church. Gotta find me a girl like that!

Bravo's opinion:  Upskirt pornography is already thought to be quite obscene by a lot of people. They think it's an invasion of privacy. Some people think it should be criminal. I can't wait to see the looks on those peoples' faces when they see Church Upskirts. Depending on your point of view, Church Upskirts is a new high, or low, for upskirt pornography. In this reviewer's eyes, it's certainly a new high.

There aren't many videos, but there's a new one being added every month. What's there is good quality stuff, though. But personally, I prefer photographic upskirts. You'll find over 1500 upskirt pictures at Church Upskirts. And believe me, you'll see some interesting things. Who'd have thought that these church going girls would be wearing sexy panties and thongs to church under their skirts? Aren't these supposed to be good Christian girls? And you wouldn't believe it if you didn't get to see the pictures yourself, but yes, some even wear none! Bare asses and pussies with nothing but a short skirt hiding things. I wonder if the priest has ever caught a glimpse while these girls cross their legs. ;)

Not all the pics are taken in church. You'll find some from church events and socials also. And there's some extra church related fun thrown in there to give you some extra value for money. They've got girls getting bored of reading the bible, stripping and masturbating. They've got naughty nuns that just can't take it any more and need to get off. Hidden cameras catching brides to be as they get changed into their wedding dresses. Oddly enough, there's even some spring break photos shown in there. Hey, don't ask me. I'm as confused as you are!

Due to the nature of the pictures, upskirt content can never really achieve the same kind of quality as pictures produced inside a porn studio, but the guys at Church Upskirt do an excellent job nonetheless. I think the pictures have come out as good as they possibly could. They're certainly better than a lot of the upskirt stuff I've seen out there.

What I really like about the member's area is how easy it is to navigate. Everything is layed out quite simply and you won't have any problems finding what you're after. Latest updates, pictures, videos and most popular (as rated by members). These are the only links that any paysite should need in its member's area.

On it's own, for upskirt fanatics, this is a decent website. It's an interesting twist on an already very naughty niche. However, I don't think the amount of content quite justifies the price unless you're really into upskirt porn. But there's a special deal that makes this website very worthwhile. Church Upskirts is a part of the Lightspeed Network. What this means is that if you pay an extra 10 dollars per month, you'll receive access to Church Upskirts and 9 of their other websites including Upskirt Sniper, Cum Filled Panties, Reel 18 and all of their solo amateur teens. Girls such as Jordan Capri, Tawnee Stone and Taylor Little. You can find a full list of the websites accessible under this deal at the bottom of the tour page near the signup form. There's a total of 28 websites to choose from. And the best thing is that you can change the 10 sites you receive access to each month. That means that over a 3 month period, for the price of 3 monthly memberships and an extra 10 dollars per month, you could access the entire 28 website portfolio. That's a pretty kickass deal if you ask me.

Another excellent feature about the website is that you receive access to the Lightspeed community forums. There, you can interact with Lightspeed models such as Jordan Capri and talk to the Lightspeed crew about their websites.

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Conclusion 74/100

So there you have it. Church Upskirts is certainly a unique website with an interesting twist. Definitely one for you upskirt fans out there. It's a very interesting twist on the niche. And I'd have to say it's worth checking out by the rest of you guys out there if you're curious, especially if it were coupled with the multi-site membership.

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