Celebrity Worship

Celebrity Worship is an extensive, if fairly typical, celebrity wish-fulfillment website. For those who fantasize about seeing Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson covered in cum or Angelina Jolie getting dp’d by two huge cocks, this is a fun site to check out. Aside from the photoshopped images, there are also real sex tapes, look-alike sex tapes, semi-realistic nude portraits, and celebrity comics.

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Celebrity Worship Review

The Olson twins, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, and Christina Aguilera all look super hot taking a big dick up their ass. That’s what Celebrity Worship wants you to think. Nearly any fantasy you might have about our current crop of starlets and seasoned actresses you can probably find here. This site has compiled a full archive of real photos of hundreds of famous hotties, combined with any available real sex tapes, plus fake sex tapes, nude movie clips, and comic renderings of the world’s most media hungry sluts as well as our more reserved, camera-shy, but no less sexy famous women.

Your dirty imagination will surely be satisfied by the computer savvy and artistic designers of the images on this site. All of the nasty things you wish you could do to Keira Knightley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Tara Reid (before she went all to hell) are here to gaze on in high-quality pictures and drawings. All of the drawn artwork here is well done, and most of the photoshopped images are, if not quite believable, at least good enough to help you pretend. Some of them, though, are clearly fake and rather poorly rendered. And none of them can be downloaded as zip files, so it will take a good bit of time to save complete photo sets.

The videos, however, are kind of disappointing. Since most of them are bootlegged, homemade videos, the quality is usually pretty poor. Oftentimes there is no sound, or there’s so much static that you can’t hear anything else. Many of the others are just short clips from feature films, offered in low-resolution. And some are fake sex tapes with celebrity look-alikes, also shot in low-res.

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Conclusion 83/100

Overall, Celebrity Worship is a decent fantasy site, with lots of variable quality content available. If you get off on imagining giving Jennifer Lopez or Eva Mendes a messy facial, and you can deal with photoshopped images, you’ll enjoy yourself here. If you like near-life drawings of supermodels and actresses posing nude and spreading their lips, you’ll be happy with this site. But if you’re looking for high-quality, real celebrity porn, you might be a bit disappointed.

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