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Bond Anime is one of the premier hentai sites featuring bondage content. In some ways it stands on its own as there are very few direct competitors to it. You can find other hentai download sites, but not many that only offer bondage themed movies. They update every week with a new DVD or two, so it's unlikely you'd ever run out of hot content.

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Bond Anime Review

Freetour offers: At Bond Anime they ask you to discover the rough and hard part of hentai. The title is short for Bondage Anime and you can download free trailers and check out free pictures on the very first page. They show the girls tied up, bound at the wrists and legs, abused and fucked by a variety of guys. It seems like anime should be a great resource for bondage porn because they can subject the girls to things they've never think about doing in a real video.

General impression: The free preview goes on for several pages and each has bunches of pictures featuring hot chicks. There's one video preview that has a busty blonde with a ball gag in her mouth and five dark cocks assaulting her. It's like ninja sex as the dudes bang her suspended body. It looks really hot and if I understand things correctly I'm going to get to download the entire scene in the member's area. There are some alien themed scenes that also seem very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection.

Bravo's opinion:  The design is simple and the member's area is easy to navigate. Along the top of the page are links to the content, although the only one you need to use is the full DVDs. There's a link that says “Buy a Pussy” and it was so puzzling that I actually clicked on it. I'll save you some time by telling you that's an advertisement for the Fleshlight, a pseudo pussy that you jerk yourself off with. They keep information on the latest updates on the main page as well and it's nice to see that they update at least once a week and they usually add 2 DVDs when they do.

The top rated movie at Bond Anime, with a 9/10, is Slave Market. As the name suggests it's a naughty bondage video featuring slave girls being purchased and abused as their masters see fit. Isaku Respect Volume 2 is the second highest rated; it too has a 9/10 but it has received less votes than Slave Market and so it gets the lower rating. Isaku is about a janitor that kidnaps and tortures your girls, forcing them to be his sex slaves. He's got some naughty desires and the ladies just hope that he doesn't hurt them while acting out those desires.

There are just over 6+DVDs for download at Bond Anime. Some run 25 minutes long and others are over an hour long. Even if they were all just 25 minutes that would be a ton of content; it's one of the largest collections on the web. The clips are available in what they call a super high quality WMV. It's decent looking at 704x396, but I don't know if it deserves the description super high quality. Because they're animated they look pretty good when you run them full screen, so you shouldn't worry about the resolution. Just worry about which DVD you're going to download first.

They find it necessary to slip ads for Fleshlight into most of the pages on the site and those get annoying after a while. If you were going to buy one you probably would have done so after seeing the first ad. You're free to rate each movie if you'd like and I recommend doing so to help your fellow members make good choices. For most DVDs they have a few screen captures so you'll have some sense of what the characters look like and what kind of bondage you'll see.

They don't offer quite as much in that area as they should. Some bondage fans like very specific types of pain and punishment and there's almost no way of telling which scenes have what kind of BDSM. You can safely assume that the girls will be tied up and fucked at some point, but whether there will be the administration of pain or whether the girl will be suspended, tied with rope or chains, forced into bondage gear is unclear. Unless you're familiar with the movies from another site or a preview viewing you'll just have to download them and cross your fingers.

Aside from the list of full length DVDs there isn't much to see at Bond Anime. There's a separate section with clips from other hentai sites and videos that haven't yet appeared in the download section. This same company runs three other hentai websites and the clips section is where they let you know about them. There's a section for pictures but it's currently empty. The DVD store offers you hentai films for purchase, but with more than 6+ for download I can't imagine why you'd do that. There's also the help section in case you're having any trouble with your membership.

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Conclusion 87/100

Bond Anime is the best bondage hentai site I've ever seen, although I have to admit that's not saying much. I think the content stands on its own though, my inexperience notwithstanding. There are 6+ full DVDs here and they can all be downloaded. Some are enormous and they don't do a good job of educating you on what kinds of bondage you'll see but otherwise the site is very well organized. If you like bondage hentai I can't think of a reason not to join.

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