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The name says it all. Well, almost. What the name doesn't tell you is that is only full of big natural breasts. Inside, you'll find a huge archive of big breast movies. These women aren't bone thin runway models.

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Big Breast Review

Freetour offers: These women are curvy and proud of it! The tour is fantastic. It follows the standard video site layout where you get a few previews per page of the tour. At the top of the first page of the tour, you'll find thumbnails depicting the 4 most recent updates. Below that, the normal layout begins. Each preview consists of 6 thumbnail images, one of which is always a large pic of the featured girl's tits. Accompanying the thumbnail images is a description of the scene and of course a link to a sample video. There's a few pages in the tour, so be sure to check ‘em all out.

General impression: I'm in awe. The tits on these girls are nothing short of jaw droppingly huge. We're not talking D cups, or DD. There's E cups, F cups and even G cups! This website is a natural breast lover's wet dream. And at first glance, there just appears to be so much for members to enjoy. So, the first impression is good, but will it last?

Bravo's opinion:  The design of the member's area is in stark contrast to the tour. The tour was quite easy on the eyes and was very well organized. The member's area is a mess. So, what can be said about the member's area? Well, there are no pictures. This website consists of only videos. And the videos vary greatly in terms of quality. The first things you'll come across once you log into the member's area are links to 35 different index pages. These index pages contain all the older videos. On each of these pages, you'll find 9 big breast videos, which is a total of 350 videos. These videos are the older videos on the website and to absolutely honest, the video quality is terrible. The resolution is just 640x480 pixels in size and the bitrate at which the videos are encoded at is just 1500kbps. Even when viewing the videos in their actual resolution, the quality is poor. You do not want to see how bad they look when you maximize them to full screen!

Do not despair, though. Good things are happening at All the latest updates are of a much higher quality. Currently (as of dec, 2009), listed below the index pages are 79 thumbnail pages. 41 of those go to index pages just like I mentioned earlier. The difference is that the bitrate of these videos has doubled to about 700kbps and the resolution has increased to 640 x 480 pixels. So you're looking at another 300 videos or so from those index pages alone.

The other videos listed though, are the latest updates and the quality of these videos is nothing short of exceptional. The resolution remains at 640 x 480 pixels, but the bitrate increases to 1.5Mbps. Some of them are as high as 2Mbps. That is very high quality and is much higher than you'd expect to find in most paysite member's areas. The bitrate is nearly 5 times as large as the older videos and over twice as large as the other videos measuring 640 x 480 pixels. The result is a much clearer image in the videos. You can view these videos in full screen and you won't even notice that the video is being stretched to fill the screen. Whereas with the lower quality 640 x 480 videos, there will be noticeable distortion. I must say when I first arrived in the member's area and had a look at the index pages, I was getting very worried. The quality of the oldest videos really is quite terrible. I don't know why they wait until the bottom of the page to show you their latest videos. This stuff should be at the top of the page being displayed proudly. The quality is fantastic! I was about ready to write this website off before I came across them.

The way I look at it is that by joining, you're currently getting access to 38 exclusive high quality big tit videos (the size of the exclusive video archive is growing each with a weekly update schedule in place) and a bonus archive of over 600 videos. The bonus videos are of course the old archives. I'm just trying to stress that the main attraction here is the 38 new exclusive scenes. Don't go inside expecting to find over 600 high quality videos because you will be disappointed.

Big Breast Site Facts

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  • Videos
  • 350 Galleries
  • DRM: No
  • Exclusive
  • Some content is exclusive
  • Updates
  • Weekly
  • Cost
  • Monthly: $39.95 1 month, network access
  • Monthly: $29.95 1 month
  • Multi-Mo: $49.99 3 month
  • Billing
  • CCBill, Verotel
  • Credit Card 900 #, Online Check
Conclusion 70/100

Reviewing this website was a roller coaster ride! I had high hopes when I first saw the tour and higher still when I arrived inside the member's area and saw just how many videos were available. My opinion took a nose dive when I saw the low quality of the archive and then came straight back up again when I saw some of the newer videos. Like I mentioned earlier, you have to think of this as a website with a growing archive of 38 exclusive scenes with a huge bonus archive of admittedly low quality big tit videos. Personally, even with a low membership price of less than 24 dollars per month, I'd find it difficult to recommend this website. However, if you're prepared to spend a little more and get the Extreme Movie Pass membership which will give you access to a total of 12 websites, it would be a different story. Be sure to check out our review of Extreme Movie Pass to see what it's all about. Enjoy!

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