AvidolZ: Two horny Japanese chicks dicked by two hairy fuck buddies

AvidolZ Review

Japanese sex culture is fascinating. In a generally staid and reserved nation, they produce some of the oddest and most extreme porn in the world. Bukkake - the massive group cumshot on a single girl - originates there. Their hentai (adult anime) is famous not only for its girl fetish but also its bizarre, fantasy tentacle porn. But AVIdolz doesn’t focus much on the fringes of the sex world. The content on this site is what we’d mostly consider traditional porn with an Asian twist. Nothing too gonzo or extreme here (aside from one bukkake scene), just lost of hardcore fuck action featuring exquisitely hot Japanese sluts who combine a youthful innocence with fierce cock skills. Unlike many American porn starlets, these women play a mostly submissive role, deflecting and resisting until finally giving in and opening up with lots of high-pitched moaning.

The young hotties you’ll find here are the epitome of Japanese beauty: light skin, long, dark hair, big brown eyes, (usually) petite tits, and hairy pussies. Yep, almost all of these babes rock the full bush, which is quite different from the norm these days. Interestingly, in a country where the high school girl with knee socks and a short skirt is the ultimate fetish, the full bush, signifier of womanhood, is de rigueur for porn stars. For anyone who loves a lush lady garden, this site will be a pleasure. Bush aside, the models on AVIdolz are into all kinds of nasty. There are POV scenes, blowjobs, anal videos, double-teams, creampies, and lots and lots of cumshots. In addition, there are galleries for costume play, shower scenes, handjobs, and outdoor sex. The site features a number of famous Japanese sex dolls, including Maria Ozawa, who also has a big following in the states, Maho Sawai, a violent screamer, Nozomi Uehara, and Shinobu Takada, among many others.

The video quality here, though not high-definition, is excellent. While a bit slow to buffer (download speeds are quick with broadband), the picture is super clear and bright. The audio quality isn’t superb, though. And of course, if you care about dialogue, you’ll need to know Japanese. There’s no dubbing or captioning on the videos.

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Conclusion 85/100

AVIdolz is a new, well-designed, well-loaded source for hot Japanese porn. The models are smokin’, fuck like champs, and love cum. And with a large store of bonus hardcore videos, this site will reward anyone with the yellow fever.

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