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Asian Fever proves to be an excellent site if you can get past the fact that they attach DRM protection to their videos. That's annoying, but this is Hustler content and it's unquestionably hotter than most other porn on the web. The Asian babes are incredibly hot, the scenes are well filmed and there's more than 50 hours of fucking featuring beauties from the Far East.

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Asian Fever Review

Freetour offers: Asian Fever comes to us from the folks over at Hustler, one of the most well known names in the porn industry. The tour offers pictures and free trailers from the most popular updates in the member's area and it's very hot stuff. It's also very well implemented. If you click the preview trailer button a new window pops up and the video starts streaming instantly. The invention of the Flash video player is a saving grace for porn sites everywhere.

General impression: The great thing about Hustler is that they spare no expense to hire the most beautiful models of any persuasion. In this case it's Asian babes and all the girls are super hot. From what I've seen they're all excellent performers in the bedroom and that more than anything has me looking forward to seeing the member's area. I'm curious as to whether the content is downloadable, how much of it there is, etc. Read on and you'll get answers to all those questions.

Bravo's opinion:Asian videos inside Asian Fever, which is slightly fewer than was promised on the tour. I suppose that's a little disappointing but they still provide more than 50 hours of high quality Asian action so it's not a critical flaw. The high quality nature of the content is really the bottom line here. Hustler is one of the most respected content publishers in the business and there's a reason for that. They hire only the most beautiful women and they shoot in only the nicest locations with the highest quality cameras and filmmakers.

When you log in you'll find 8 videos listed per page. They list the name of the female stars (or stars) in each scene and show four preview pictures. Some are clearly screenshots and others are quality digital pictures. You can click any of the pictures and you'll be taken to the video download/streaming page. The streams are Flash, WMV or QuickTime and each load quickly and can be fast forwarded with ease.

You wouldn't think that there'd be a downside to this being a Hustler production but there is. They're very protective of their content at Hustler so they've embedded DRM protections in each downloadable video. This means that you can only play them as long as you're a member of Asian Fever. DRM used to be fairly common but it's almost non-existent today and I can't help but think that Hustler is a little arrogant in including it. They seem to be saying to you that their content is so high quality that it's worthy paying for a membership every month to be able to watch it multiple times. Is it really worth it?

That's a difficult question to answer because it boils down to personal choice. What kind of Asian babes do you prefer? Asian Fever is a steady stream of some of the most beautiful Asian pornstars I've ever seen so even if you're not going to stick around for multiple months it's probably worth visiting for a month at least. You get to bounce around the member's area and watch all the movies you can handle. Would it be worth the $27.62 for a month's worth of Asian masturbatory madness? That would be an affirmative.

For the most part the videos at Asian Fever are hardcore twosomes but they mix it up every so often just to keep you happy. The best scene I've watched stars Lana Croft, one of the most beautiful Asians I've ever laid eyes upon. She and her man fuck in someone's backyard next to a pool. It's a great setting and she looks terrific with lust in her eyes and a cock in her tight pussy. Leilani and Vanity Crystol share a dildo in a gorgeous lesbian scene and they're delightful to watch too. There are a few threesomes that are good and my favorite features Thi Michelle and Maxine Star wearing sexy lingerie sets made from satin and sucking and fucking one very lucky man.

Asian Fever is not just a video site. They also have a small selection of picture galleries from the Hustler collection. There are 194 total and when you're looking through them you'll see a small preview picture of each along with the model's name. Most of the galleries are actually rather small because they come from the magazine. What's odd is that the pictures are so small. 600px just isn't good enough for me and I'd be surprised if it was good enough for you.

Joining Asian Fever gives you access to other full length videos aside from the Asian porn. First there's the Best of Hustler. There are 148 DVDs in the selection and each has 4-5 scenes so it's a fair amount of extra content. You can download or stream the movies, although they're slightly lower resolution than the Asian stuff. The movies seem to change every few weeks so it's actually even better than it seems at first glance. You can also browse through the Best of Barely Legal, another top notch collection of smut. Once again there are 148 DVDs and each can be downloaded at your discretion. They're also DRM protected.

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Conclusion 82/100

Without question Asian Fever is worth a month's membership. They charge a reasonable $27.62 for those 30 days and you get access to some of the finest Asian hardcore porn ever produced. Hustler is skilled at this kind of thing and they hire some of the most beautiful young Asian ladies the world has ever seen to perform for them. The girls get fucked and give head along with doing a few hot lesbian scenes. In addition to the 50 hours of Asian hardcore porn you get access to DVDs and 194 picture galleries. All told it's a worthwhile collection.

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