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Olive-skinned Arab and Indian beauties share their exotic sexuality on the tour at Arab Uncovered. This site promises one of the best arab porn experiences online, with real amateur nude photos and hardcore action from the middle east.

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Arab Uncovered Review

Arab Uncovered is a new site at the time of my visit, but it has a good collection of video under its belt already. I counted 34 movies, and they starred a variety of models. Some of the girls are paler and others have the more characteristic deep olive tan of Arab girls. All of them have dark hair and dark eyes and an exoticness to their beauty. They are also very much amateurs. Some of the models that were in the tour do not appear in the library at the time of my visit - mostly the ones that look more like porn stars, and have big fake tits.

The reality is much more, well, real in Arab Uncovered. The tapes look to be homemade without exception. You'll see real Arab couples undressing and petting each other, sucking on plump natural breasts, giving their men hand jobs and blow jobs, and having hardcore sex. Messy cumshots, threesome sex, and other action is mixed in to mix things up.

Each movie varies in length. Some are around 10 minutes, others can go on for 40+ minutes from start to finish. All of them have the same download option though: a single, full length Windows Media file. It will offer a good quality playback. I wasn't terribly upset here with the quality (its homemade porn and looks good), but more media options would have been nice like streaming videos, or MP4/MPEG file alternatives. There were pictures but only screen caps, not real photographs. These can be a handy tool for previewing a movie before committing to the full length download.

The update schedule here doesn't really seem sorted out yet (it just opened to the public), and all of the movies are dated within a few days of each other. I can't safely predict what to expect so I won't make any guesses that could turn out to be wrong. The unsettled state of updates, still smaller-sized library, and lack of bonus material will probably keep this site from being a long-term pick for now.

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Conclusion 76/100

The best thing about Arab Uncovered is that it actually stars amateurs from the middle east - not Latinas like some of the shadier competing sites do. It's brand new so hard to pin down, but its clear the site would make a nice 30- to 60-day subscription for surfers into hot Arab chicks.

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