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It’s really hard to review Adult Empire. Why? Because it is the biggest mega site that I’ve ever seen online. At the time of this review there are a total 1,569 sites in this network scattered across dozens of niches. Where does one start with such a mammoth? Obviously it would take me months to write up a detailed look at each site. Let’s get started.

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Adult Empire Review

Before we go any further its important to make one thing clear: Adult Empire is a great site in many ways, but its also plagued with a murky reputation and some cheap cannon fodder content. Whether or not a membership here is going to be worthwhile for you will depend a lot on you as a surfer. What do you require to feel satisfied? What kind of quality do you demand? Most importantly, which niches interest you the most?

We all have different answers and most of the time they aren’t even set in stone - - what we’d allow one site to get away with we may not allow from another. It comes down to the overall effect of the mix - the media quality, the quality of the action, how hot the models are, how hard the fetish or niche content is to find, the variety, the price, etc.

So who does Adult Empire make a good match for? Well let’s look at what they are putting up on the table first.

The site is divided into two areas. The first area has the 1,569+ porn sites. These can vary greatly from one site to another in terms of quality, niche and overall content numbers. You should expect dozens of sites to be more or less the same as each other with duplicated content marketed under a different name. A lot of sites will also only contain average quality photo galleries and no videos. That isn’t a good thing no matter how you spin it but it’s important to remember that even if 1,000 of these sites are pure crap, that means 569 are pretty decent or even great. A network with 569 decent to great sites is still a great value.

The niches that seem to have the most high quality content in this area are the cartoon porn, anime porn and 3D porn collections. Some of the niche content like stockings and leg fetishes, smoking and preggo material also have some gems to look at. Still, the core audience that I think will get the most here is going to be the anime, hentai porn and 3D porn crowd. These sites vary widely in how often they update and in their size.

The other half of the Adult Empire site is its massive DVD archive. You’re going to get access to both portions of the empire as a member. At the time of this review there are 799 DVD scenes in total that are offered up in good looking videos. Some are even great. Just like the porn sites, the DVDs are mixed up in lots of different niches. You’ll find BBW, BDSM, Tranny and Shemale sex, spanking, hardcore porn, anal sex, lesbian sex, gangbangs and just about everything else you can think of.

The DVD section is probably the area I enjoyed the most. It may all be nonexclusive content you can find elsewhere but its set up in an easy to browse members area that makes choosing what you want to watch fast and easy. Downloads are fast and they are adding new porn DVD titles regularly and growing the overall selection. I should mention hat most of the DVDs aren’t from the big studio names, but there is lots of good porn in here nonetheless.

Before reaching a conclusion I think it’s important that fans remember what needs to be put in balance when considering quality and quantity. This network has over 479gb of porn on its network of sites and another 169gb (362 hours) of DVD porn. If even a fraction of that is material that you’re going to enjoy, this site is hands down a good value and few networks can compete with their sheer size and diversity.

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Conclusion 85/100

If ever there was a mega site then Adult Empire was it. With over 1,500+ porn sites and 799+ DVD scenes available to members for the price of a single DVD they earn some serious points in the quantity column. When it comes to quality, however, Adult Empire is hard to pin down. Many of these sites on here are truly just garbage, regurgitating the same photo galleries you’ll find on other sites in the same network but under a different name. That can take time to weed through and members should be prepared for a bit of frustration when they run into the same content every now and again. All that being said there is a good amount of quality porn here, probably more than you can get access to from any other network. This is without a doubt a great deal for some, but for those that demand only the highest quality media and an elite experience Adult Empire isn’t going to be a good match for you.

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