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Meet Jessy. He's an upskirt specialist. Or an upskirt hunter, as he calls it. He spends his days strolling the streets shooting voyeuristic upskirt videos for you guys to enjoy. The site launched with an impressive 100 upskirt videos (hence the name) and updates every day with a brand new and 100% exclusive video!

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100 Upskirts Review

Let me say right off the bat that I am very impressed with this website. One of the problems with upskirt content is that it is of course very fleeting. It's rare to be able to capture more than a minute of footage of one particular girl. If you did, you'd almost certainly get caught. The problem this causes is that upskirt websites that update weekly for example just don't have enough content. The videos in Jessy's website are generally only a minute long. But where his site differs is that it updates every single day with a new video. The majority of Jessy's videos at 100 Upskirts feature multiple girls each shot for a few seconds. But you do get quite a few videos with over a minute of footage from just one girl. These are usually in places where a girl is standing or sitting for a longer period of time, like on a public bus for example.

By the time you've read this,number will certainly have grown due to the daily updates. The fact that the videos are exclusive is a big plus. Many of the upskirt websites I've been inside show the same content over and over again. The videos in 100 Upskirts are fresh. I hadn't seen any of them prior to logging into this member's area.

This is a purely video site so no photo content to speak. Nonetheless, the members do get access to additional heifers second site under Upskirt Collection. And on this site you will find a photo gallery of heifers. This site is already well established, also contains additional videos! And on top of it also updates every day, but usually at least 2 or 3 updates per day. Upskirt Collection Archive is a combination of voyeuristic exhibitionism and Upskirts Upskirts - girls who heifers hunter spoke in showing their pussies. But it also includes a much wider range of content, such as tight jeans, lingerie, sexy shorts, celebrities section, down blouse and blouse up shots and camel toe.

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Conclusion 91/100

This review can be much shorter than the other, but not to take as a negative. This website is very simple. It is updated daily with new and totally exclusive heifers shot every day. Additional bonus access to Upskirt Collection is already an impressive value for money goes through the roof. Fans will love Upskirt amount of content on offer and refresh across both sites. According to the opinion of this reviewer, fantastic membership, it is well worth the money for any fan of heifers. Enjoy!

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