Gina Killmer

Gina Killmer
Gina Killmer Very little is known about Gina Killmer, a girl who probably is fans of Van Kilmer as she uses a similar nick name. Gina performed only in two movies in her career, which are “Drunk Sex Orgy: Fuckoberfest” and “Tyrannized 1: Hell Clinic”, being also de director in the latter. In Tyrannized she has a lesbian scene, and in the other she participates in a massive orgy full of alcohol in the Oktoberfest. Both movies were made in 2007 for the same publisher, Eromaxx Films and didn’t do that bad.

She did some other video scenes for internet, but apart from her work in those two movies not much is known about Gina. She was born in Prague, Czech Republic, on January 5, 1980, has both her nipples and her navel pierced and her boobs measure a 32C.

Gina also participated in some kinky dominant scenes with some kinky and sexy uniforms, playing with men and even fucking them with a strapon. She also participated in some messy scenes and in non-sex chapters for Tainster, getting wet and oiled up with clothes on and playing solo or with other girls. Kinky and crazy are Gina’s synonyms!
Hair: Blond Birth date: 05 January, 1980 Videos: 226
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