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  • Value for Money: 15.0 / 20
  • Reviewer Opinion: 16.5 / 20
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Teenage Whores Review

Freetour offers: This tour is awesome! The trailer videos are an 1280 x 720 pixels at nearly 2Mbps (1996kbps to be exact). That's better than what you'll find inside some websites. If i can't convince you that this is a quality website by the time you're done reading this review, then the very least you can do is check out the videos on the tour. Be sure to select the high definition option when viewing them, though. I might not be able to convince you to join this website, but those videos sure as hell will! Each scene preview as well as including a video trailer also has some good quality thumbnail images along with some text describing what's going on in the scene. Be sure to check out all the pages of the tour.

General impression: Wow! The quality of the videos and pictures in this website are so far beyond what you can expect from most of the websites out there. The girls look amazing and the content is exclusive so not even I've seen any of this stuff before. One look at the tour and I was licking my lips at the prospect of getting inside and getting my hands on some of these high definition videos.

Bravo's opinion:  The look and feel of the member's area is every bit as impressive as the tour. The design is great. Everything is organized really well. My only complaint would be the presence of some small adverts, but what do I care? I've got access to a huge archive of exclusive high-def porn! This site is great.

At the top of the main page of the member's area, you'll find the most recent update to appear inside the website. Teenage Whores adds a new video each week, so there's plenty of updates. But that's just the beginning. You see, by joining Teenage Whores, you'll also be getting access high-def porn sites: Busty Solos, Oriental Orgy, Sex Toy Teens, Ebony Addiction, Tempting Trannies, New Solos, Simple Fucks, Anal Hell, Lucky Lesbians and Slutty Squirters. And even though most of you won't be interested, you'll also receive access to two high-def gay sites: Gay Solos and Gay Sex Resort. With access to so many sites, you'll be getting at least one new high definition video each and every day. And on top of all that, you'll also receive access to hundreds of bonus non-exclusive video feeds.

Currently, as of 24 June 2014, there are 111 full-length exclusive episodes in the Teenage Whores archive. That may not sound like a lot right now, but the site is still very new and for its archive to be as large as it is already is very promising and a sign of things to come.

Each video is accompanied by a matching picture gallery. The picture archives aren't quite as impressive as the videos, but they still measure in at a 1024 x 680 pixels in size, which is still pretty good for picture content. And the galleries themselves contain heaps of pictures. I didn't come across a single image gallery with less than a hundred pics. So you're looking at least 2500 exclusive high quality pictures in this member's area at the moment (and at least 34 thousand across the whole network of sites). But I'd say the number of pictures inside Teenage Whores is probably closer to around 3-4 thousand pictures. It would have been nice if the pictures were available in a larger size. The quality is just so good. I'd love to be able to get an even closer look.

All the Teenage Whores videos are one-on-one. Most feature a horny little teen slut getting fucked by a big thick cock, but there are a few girl on girl scenes in there too. It's good to have some variety, after all. And you'll get plenty of variety in the other websites you'll be getting access to with this one!

Conclusion: 81/100
What an awesome site. The quality of the videos is some of the best I've ever laid my horny eyes upon. I know I've said that before, but online porn just keeps getting better and better and it never ceases to amaze me. These videos are simply amazing. And the fact that you can get access to videos of this quality that are exclusive as well as even more exclusive videos websites for less than 30 dollars per month is absolutely mind boggling if you ask me. Value for money is absolutely superb. Don't believe me about the quality? Just get to the tour and see for yourself. Watch one of those high-definition video trailers and then tell me I'm wrong. I dare you! I'd highly recommend this membership to any fan of hardcore porn. Enjoy!

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